Pub Quiz team names

Any good team names to share? Here’s a few I’ve used:

Just the Tip

Cock Blocked By Matlock

Shaquille O’Neil has a time machine and he won’t let me use it

Giggity Giggity.

I mean that’s a team name.

Norfolk and Hope (say it a few times, fast)
The Cunning Linguists
The Short Pianists

We’ve had some great topical ones.

Most recently: Betty Friedan Dies Barefoot and Pregnant

On Columbus Day: A Bunch of Italians Who Think This Is India

Million Woman March: Two Million Boobs on the Mall and One in the White House

A couple Februaries ago: Black and Tan History Month

During the Iraq war: This is Wolf Blitzer Reporting Live, Embedded with Your Mom

Capitalizing on natural disasters is fun: Mi nami es tsunami. Though it woulda been better if the quizmistress hadn’t mispronounced it.

This past MLK Day: If You Had to Work Today, Your Company Hates Black People. When we won best team name that time, my friend Ken – who’s black and, because he’d gone to work, was wearing a suit and tie – got up to receive the prize, looking disgruntled. Biggest laugh we’ve ever received.

Some wonderful ones that other teams have come up with:

Bob Hope Finishes at Six Under

And my absolute favorite, back in spring 2003: All My Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting is at the Bottom of the Potomac Wrapped Around My Girlfriend

That had all the elements: topicality, length, cleverness, and it was oh so wrong.

I’ll try to remember other great ones we’ve had.

People, people, we’re all forgetting gthe best pub quiz team name ever.
Scott Bakula Fan Club Local 318.

Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead once won us best team name.

The Seattle SDMB trivia team has taken to using Smurf puns: Where the Wild Things Smurf, John Cougar Mellensmurf, Horton Smurfs a Who, Smurf Blitzer, Smurf Wind and Fire, Battlefield Smurf…

Pre-SDMB trivia, my favorite team name was the East India Trading Company. Just sounded good.


About a year ago we used “Finding Neverland Ranch,” which i thought was pretty clever, but it worked better than (the movie just out and the Jackson trial on the horizon) than it would now.


My lads for a while went under the names of various Indian dishes, the most successful of which (winners of the quiz at the New Inn, South Ealing) being Bombay Aloo.

Otherwise, you can’t go too far wrong with Novak & Good.

Right by Assertion is the name we usually use.

I’m planning on learning an insturment just so I can use that as a band name.

Here’s a few I’ve been considering with. Some I came up with others I stole.

Chuck Norris can divide by zero

And in last place…

Evil Hasselhoff

Zombie Jesus

The Stephen Hawking Karaoke Experience

I’m not a gynaecologist but I’ll take a look

My wife can’t wrestle but you should see her box

I’ve got the body of a taut pre-teen Swedish boy

Shit happens when you party naked

What Would Scooby Do

Taking a couple from my Evanston days…

You Screwed Me Again, Costanza
The Penis Mightier
Cage Fighters in Training
The J. Peterman Catalogue
Pope on a Rope
Slim Pickens

What about ‘Norfolk Enchants’?

There’s a quiz night at a place called The Llama Bar that we sometimes go to, and the best name we’ve had so far has been…