VOTE McCAIN- your reply is your vote

Your reply will indicate one vote in favour of McCain

Please, only one reply per poster.

Obama voters can go to the other thread that’s most likely still on the front page.

Hell, I might as well be the lonely, only one on this site.

Make that two.

You do know, considering how this board skews, this thread is probably going to drop like a stone?

Count me in. Hell, I’d vote for a one-legged leper if it keeps Obama out of the White House.

I am voting for Obama, but I like you guys better. Anyone mind if I affiliate with this side of the Dope?

Yep, I did.

The few, the proud.


Count me, count me!

Yeah, okay, count me in. I don’t think a write-in vote will do me any good, anyway.

My heart is black and shriveled up and wrinkly just like a raisin, and has long attained room temperature.

Not coincidentally, I’m voting for McCain.

And another…

I’m from New Jersey, I should be able to post more than once. Its tradition.

I’m voting for preborn Americans to have some protections, for workers’ rights to secret ballot elections to join or not join a union, and for a free market in political discussions on the airwaves. I’m voting for McCain-Palin.


Same here in Chicago, but not for me…only the Democrats are allowed to do that! :slight_smile:

Count me in for McCain.

Count me in too. :slight_smile:

Another McCain guy checking in.

I’ll be voting McCain even though the OnTheIssues questionaire indicates I’d have voted for Clinton and Obama first.

The error in their logic is that all issues have the same weight. So while I areed with the dems on more issues, they weren’t issues that have a great deal of importance to me. The few issues that are of concern to me are the ones I’m basing my decision on.

Always gotta hold out for the underdog.

McCain is my choice.