Obama/McCain/ SDMB Election/Hazle Weatherfield/Mod Request

I would think that most of us looking at the reply tallies of the VOTE OBAMA and VOTE McCAIN threads would like to believe they are accurate.

I attempted to balance Hazle Weatherfield’s and Carson O’Genic’s repeat votes in the Obama thread by three replies in the McCain thread.

Then she makes another reply in the McCain thread

So why did you hit the submit button? bitch !

I’m going to ask the mods if they can delete post #s 63,47,156 in the Obama thread and #s 35 to 38 in the McCain thread.

Then I’m going to request tha Hazle be suspended till after the election.


That’s utterly ridiculous.

You are such a total fucking dork. Are you aware of this?

I admire your attempt to keep both polls fair and balanced and, in keeping in the spirit of things, would you like us to suspend both Hazel and you until after the election?

Sure, if that’s what its going to take. That does include the mods deleting repeat votes as well, and generally “policing” these threads to maintain the tally integrity.


Well, to be perfectly fair about this, perhaps we should only permit U.S. registered voters to participate?


If you can’t figure out how to tally up the counts without having a royal shit fit, maybe you should let someone else do the polling. Announcing every single extra vote is making you look like an ass, imho.

I really enjoy the boldness of the thread. It may not be the most thought out reasonable one but by God it’s bold.

Aha! Voter fraud on the SDMB! Clearly, ACORN is to blame!

You do realize this isn’t the real election, right?

Mate, may I suggest that you take a long hot shower, grab a cup of tea, and ponder the phrase “really foolish posting” - the mere writing of this: “I would think that most of us looking at the reply tallies of the VOTE OBAMA and VOTE McCAIN threads would like to believe they are accurate” is just … mind numbing.


TFD, Are you serious? You would honestly have someone suspended over this?:dubious:

If someone wanted to start the same type of threads limiting replies to US registered voters only, I would certainly honour that by not participating. It’s actually not a bad idea because I would suspect it would show that McCain doing much better.

Look, forget the two week suspension which was merely intended to prevent further sabatage, but if my request to keep these vote threads accurate is not going to happen then I would ask that these threads be closed because they misrepresent the truth.

…I thought he was joking. Evidently that’s not the case, or else I’ve been whooshed.

Look, when it’s time to tally the vote, just enter everyone’s name into a column in Excel, sort alphabetically by name, and then delete all the duplicates. There’s no way you’re going to be able to keep everyone from posting twice - even if it’s not malicious, you’ll have someone wanting to respond to something another person wrote, or double-posting to correct something they put in their post, or forgetting they already posted, or whatever. I think you seriously need to calm down about this, dude.

You are the one doing the tallying, so don’t count the extra votes, and there won’t be any sabotage, ya moron.

On the same subject, I have a question regarding coding: Is there a way to increase the size of this smiley :rolleyes: ?

Gee, I was so hoping we could pull off this cunning plot, it would help take out the sting of the impending McCain landslide…

Here’s how to tally the votes painlessly.

Go to show printable version under “Thread Tools”
Copy and Paste each name into Excel
Sort and delete duplicates

(You can also switch to Thread Mode to copy the names so that you don’t have to scroll too much, and can skip the Printable version step. You can also spot replies easier. Heck, it’s easier just to take the number of replies, subtract it from total post counts, and presto, number of unique votes).

I clearly am out of touch with they way everyone feels. I retract everything I’ve said as I had assumed I was speaking for everyone. I’m truly sorry to Hazle Weatherfield for picking on her as she obviously didn’t mean to be a bitch as I had understood what being a bitch might mean, but merely behaving in a manner acceptable to everyone in this community and now including me.

Hell, these threads were my babies you know. They were special to me.
I’d like to thank everyone here to help me put all this in its proper perspective. What a relief.
Man, did I ever blow it !!! :smack: :smack: :smack: