Voters Talking Turkey

Business Leaders.
Religious Leaders.
Sports Figures.

These are ALL folks who live way beyond the $50,000 or $60,000 most of the rest of the population of the United States learn to make “do” with.

Can you IMAGINE asking a Business Leader or one of our Senators or Representatives to live on LESS than $100,000 dollars per year?

NONE of them have a firm grasp on what the millions and millions of folks live like in our country.

Our Senators and Congressmen/Women live in their own 'Fiefdoms" - where their staff and quarters and expenses are paid for by YOU and I. The TAXPAYERS.

They get into Office and begin from that moment on, to hang on to that turf.

Which means raising $20,000 per day to maintain their jobs and their status and their power and their offices.

Where does that money $ come from? You and I? The “Citizens”?

NO. It comes from Lobbyists. Special Interests.

Because YOU and I cannot match the millions of the dollars that lobbyists are willing to pay.

So who do the (cough…er…cough) “Public Servants” throw their influence to?

NOT you and I. But to the Corporate Individuals who pay into their campaigns which will guarantee that they will remain the Gods of their Legislative Domains.

As…they go back and forth…from Congress Critters to Lobbyists to Defense Contractors…etc.

Do they WANT to hold tight to principles? To the “Good of the People” …not so much.

Not anymore, anyway.

It seems every one of them, Democrat and Republican alike - are remaining true to their economic interests.

To the Culture of the TOP 10% being the Oligarchs and the Plutocrats who must turn and steer the masses into the continuing support of production which will stabalize their gains.

I am NOT a Communist, nor a Socialist.

Just a long and hardworking American who can see where a large percentage of working American’s labor has gone.

Do they really “Serve” us? Or…themselves?

How hard we labor for our ruling class. And LIKE it!

What a shame.

What a waste but probably not in the way that you were thinking.

You have got to adjust your writing style if you want to be taken seriously around here and in real life as well. It reads like terrible free-verse Vogon poetry. Use paragraphs and make some debatable points. Do you honestly think you have to inform our good audience here that politicians are sometimes corrupt and often work in their own best interests instead of their constituency? What percentage of people do you honestly think doesn’t know this already?

We poor people keep voting for them time and time again.

Al Franken, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat, Idiot”

And just as a note, this:

isn’t really true. Their staffs are paid for by the government, but they housing and personal expenses out of their salary. Of course, their salary is paid by the TAXPAYERS, so indirectly, I guess we do pay for their housing and personal expenses. But my father is a government employee, so the TAXPAYERS also paid for my housing and personal expenses when I was growing up in the same way.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Wake up sheeple!!!1111

Sounds pretty similar to most of the corporate managers that I have worked for.

But without even the chance to vote them out of office!