Voting for Frankenstein

with assistance from

Hope everyone here is interested in the politics of the Indian sub-continent.

Tony Curtis Lyngdoh

The state of Meghalaya is having an election today with seats being hotly contested

*Hilarious Dhkar *

by many candidates who all have many interesting

*Rockfeller Momin *

and valid points of view on contemporary Indian policies


I’m sure that some dopers are aware

Process T. Sawkmie

that the citizens of Meghalaya

J. Ulysses Nongrum (Ulysses’ four sisters are named England, New Zealand, Finland and Switzerland)

are also part of a culture where laughter is considered important.

Shri Frankenstein W. Momin

Meghalaya’s three major tribes, the Khasis, the Garos and Jaintias all have Laugh Clubs. Giving their children whacky names is part of the fun.

Perhaps the final word should go to Adolf Lu Hitler R Marak, seeking to hold on to his seat in Meghalaya’s state assembly.

“Maybe my parents liked the name and hence christened me Hitler,” he recently told the Hindustan Times newspaper.