Voting Problems - and so it begins...

From The New Republic:

PA and FL are running into problems, too… :frowning: :mad:

“so take this all with a grain of salt for now” is journalist speak for “this crap is completely unsubstantiated and I just wanted to throw it out there.”

We had a tiny problem this morning at my precinct.

The votes here are paper ballots on what looks like a Scan-Tron form. They’re filled out in ink, though, which does not dry immediately. The lady in front of me was voting straight-ticket Republican but the ink had smudged so that the machine thought she had filled in two bubbles for straight-party. After much staring and jabbing buttons, the election volunteer finally pushed the “ACCEPT” button.

It seemed odd to me that the woman would not be given a fresh ballot. My own went through without a problem, but how was hers counted? Did she somehow get to vote for Democrats AND Republicans? Did her vote get counted at all? Did her vote get set aside to be manually counted? It went into the same machine, so I rather doubt that…

Sigh. Even though she’s voting against my candidates, I don’t want her votes to get trashed. I don’t want poorly-trained election officials mucking this up. :frowning:

Virginia voter here and all was relatively calm in my precinct, though it did take the election officials ~20 minutes to figure out what to do about my daughter, who’s name was misspelled (one letter missing) in the voter rolls.

Haven’t heard any complaints from folks around me who’ve been taking off to vote.

I’ve worked election duty for a few elections, and this always happens. In a country with millions of voters, there are going to be screw ups. The people running things at the polls are, by and large, volunteers (and not well trained ones at that). Some of the machinery can, and will, break down. And votes that should be counted, won’t be, and those that shouldn’t will be.

To expect anything less is just silly. It’s a matter of minimizing the problems, not eliminating them. And with the divisiveness of the campaigning (and the problems in 2000), there will be a great many legal struggles. And, no matter the result, the losing candidate’s supporters will be convinced that the other guy stole the election.

SO much of this is overblown BS, IMO.

are they using fountain pens? I marked my optical scan ballot with a ball-point, no smudge problems with that.

You guys have had four years to get this organised :frowning:

Looked like regular ball-point to me, but all she did was fill in the straight-party-ticket bubble and turn it in, so it could be that the five seconds that took did not give the ink time to dry. :slight_smile:

Well yeah, but we weren’t sure until recently whether 90% of the election volunteers would even be alive today, what with their average age being somewhere in the triple digits. So I’m sure that took a bit of time to organize.

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Closer to 200, actually. :smiley:

I had to go to three booths to get a pen that had ink in it.

The voters hot line that tracks the election problems has had 27,000 phone calls so far. Typical election run by a combination of incompetents and thieves.

Or to look at it another way, the opposition has had four years to put its obstacles in place.

Just saw something about how the Palm Beach county ballot was all fucked up again this year.
But on the other side of the equation. If you’re not smart enough to figure out a fucking ballot, maybe you don’ t need to be voting. There are instructions in the goddamned booth and they dumb it down to the highest possible degree.

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Another Virginia voter. No problems that I noted when I went in.

Waaaaaaait! You could see what was on her form? I assume the election volunteer could as well because she was putting the ballot into the Scantron, correct?

Man, if you so much as fold your paper wrong in Canada your vote is discarded. It’s a BIG no-no for anyone to see your vote, especially an election volunteer.

As a healthy-bonered Florida resident, I disagree.

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