Voting records of Canadian MPs and senators

Where can I get records of which Canadian MPs and senators voted for which bills? For instance, I want to know how each MP and senator voted for Bill C-76. I looked at Parliament’s website index but the only voting records listed there are those where the cabinet did not vote with the majority.

There is How’d They Vote?, but it’s only for MPs, and for now they only have the 38th Parliament, although they are supposedly working on the 39th.

Could you ask your MP or senator to send you the printout for that particular vote?

What makes you think that I have an MP or a senator? Or even if I did, that MPs and senators have lists of who voted for what?

Which Bill C-76 do you mean? The re-numbering starts over with each new session of Parliament. What did it do, and in what year?

My mistake; I presumed that you are Canadian. I further presume that MPs and senators have easy access to the Canadian equivalent of the Congressional Record or Hansard; perhaps not.

The Hansards are available online, but AFAICT there’s no index of votes. You just have to plough through them until you find what you’re looking for.

I know; I just pulled a number out of my hat as an example. One bill I really am interested in is Bill C-73, passed on 13 October 1975, which established the Anti-inflation Board. It was used to cut wages and put a cap on the rate of wage increases for millions of workers. Apparently the provincial NDP governments cooperated with the federal government to design and implement the bill; I’m interested in whether federal NDP MPs voted for it.

You need to look in “Votes and Proceedings” for the relevant year. The Hansard records what was said; V&P records the actual motions, readings, etc., plus votes (if there was a recorded vote). However, I doubt that V&P for 1975 is on-line - at least, I’ve never seen it.