VR Games discussion thread

Point of order: Setting All Genres to Normal, you get 16 pages of 20 so… 320 songs with Normal. Add in a nominal amount of songs that weirdly have Easy but not Normal. The vast majority of those are anime music, video game music or K-Pop (which is great if those are genres you like). Nevertheless, I dutifully looked though and found a handful of songs to add so hopefully that’ll give me a decent start. Which I actually DO want a good experience – I’d rather pay $25 and have a fun game than pay $25 to gripe on the internet. I can do that for free. Speaking of, thanks for the reminder about the Humble discount since that’s one of those things I regularly forget.

Totally off that track, I gotta say that this Focus 2 has some premium packaging. Feels like a shame to throw this stuff away but I don’t need a box sitting around forever either and the Costco package comes with the case so I don’t really need it all for storage.

Creed: Rise to Glory for Steam is $4.49 (85% off) on Fanatical for the next two days. I haven’t played yet but a few friends had good things to say about it.

I went back to this and played the tutorial and, wow, was I playing it wrong :smiley: The core is still “whack music” but you actually wait until the notes (blocks) are passing through an abstract flower thing and hit the petals instead. Then you have chains of blocks you swoop through and rings you stab at, etc. It’s no Beat Saber but I enjoyed it on its own merits once I learned how to play. “Play your own music” format and one difference I liked was that the blocks are not right/left hand dependent – whack whatever blocks with whatever hand you want. Out of all my rhythm games, it’s the only one that allows for that as the basic game mode. I wouldn’t say it’s the one game anyone needs to own but it’s a fun addition to the genre, especially if using your own music is important to you.

Played some more with Beat Saber. I don’t think it’s ever going to be my top choice but I can see me playing it sometimes.

Have been playing SuperHot which is cool and an obvious candidate for a VR translation. I suuuuuucccckkkk at throwing things with the Quest controllers. Not sure if it’d be easier if I was playing native on the Quest vs through Steam but I’ve been trying to find tips and just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet which is really cramping my style.

Superhot is my favorite VR game but the issues with throwing would be game breaking if the rest of it wasn’t so fun.I play on PSVR and throwing anything is a nightmare unless you make a specific, unnatural motion that I can only describe as similar to throwing a frisbee, but not in a fun way. In a shitty way. I won’t even play the throw heavy levels, which is a bummer because they are cool and there really aren’t that many levels to choose from.

It’s always surprises me that they never truly fixed the miserable throwing because even the crappiest VR games handle throwing well.