Oculus Quest 2

I had a bunch of Amazon cards left over from Christmas and had been wanting a VR set for awhile. After a bunch of research I ordered an Oculus Quest 2 last night. The only VR compatible games I currently own are Superhot, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, and Star Wars Squadrons.

It sounds like it takes some tweaking to get everything working just right. Are there any Oculus owners here? I’d be interested to hear what you had to do to get it working & other general tips.

I recommend starting with the recent thread on this forum devoted to the device.

What kind of “tweaking” are you trying to do? The Oculus is a self contained system and games are loaded onto it through an app/wifi.
Set-up pretty much consists of drawing a room boundary with a controller, logging into your app/account to get a game and off you go.

I’d be absolutely pleased if it worked great right out of the box.

Perhaps it was for a different VR set but I’d heard stories about needing to adjust the distance between the screen and your eyes to get a good experience and the calibration of the controllers being finicky.

Everyone’s eyes are spaced a little bit differently apart. If the center of the VR lenses is not in front of your pupil, the outside part of the lens will look a little blurry. So the headset has a 3 position adjustment to get the IPD close for you. Guide for this is here: IPD and lens spacing on Meta Quest 2

You can have someone else measure your IPD with a ruler, or just try the positions to see what works for you.

The straps are pretty simple - loosen them up, put the horizontal strap behind your head kind of under the bump in the back of your skull and tighten it by pulling the two adjustment straps apart. Then set the vertical strap length so it takes some of the load off the horizontal strap.

If you have glasses, they give you an extra spacer in the headset faceplate to give them a little extra room.

It might be a touch blurry in the corners at first (I was disappointed at first, thinking VR just wasn’t that clear) but as you play around with it and learn to adjust it on your face you’ll find the sweet spot.

That’s pretty much it. There’s no calibration for the controllers, they work perfectly right off the bat. If you want to plug it into a PC, you can use a USB 3 cable and it’ll run in link mode and run through the oculus rift software. You do have an option for using something like virtualdesktop to connect to your PC wirelessly, and that takes some doing, but there are plenty of guides on the internet.

Setup was much easier than I expected but it did take a bit to find the most clear visuals. The wireless link from virtual desktop took a couple 4hr sessions of installing and tweaking to get it going.

My laptop can only push enough to run Star Wars Squadrons in VR on the lowest settings but it’s still a very immersive experience. Feels like I’ve just ridden an intense roller coaster after a play session.

I may have to look into replacing the guts in my old desktop.

Thrill of the Fight is well worth the $10.

I got my Oculus yesterday and downloaded Vader Immortal episode 1. It was interesting and recommended for a SW geek but I finished it yesterday as well. For $10, I guess I expected more.

I have no idea what to get next.

I love the Within app. Not games, but some really cool VR experiences. Exploring Youtube 360 videos is pretty cool too. Look past what the Youtube app recommends and search for 360 videos.

Venues will let you access some VR concerts and NBA games.

If you’re into puzzle games and things like escape rooms then The Room VR is a must. With Red Matter close behind.

I don’t think we’ve had a general VR game discussion thread so I went ahead and created one.

Just reviving this thread to see how people are thinking about their Oculus (now Meta) Quests, a year on and when the novelty has presumably worn off. I’m thinking I might take the plunge and give one a try.

What do people think of their Quests now? Still using them? Still enjoying them?

For the record, I’d be most interested in one for casual, largely single-player gaming. I’d love to play ping pong, for example, or swing a lightsaber, etc. Maybe some puzzle games like Myst. I have little interest in trying to hook it up to my laptop for complex multi-player squadron combat games, for example.

I quit playing mine for quite a while for no particularly good reason. I’ve recently started playing again. I got a WWI fighter pilot game. It’s almost too realistic. I don’t typically get motion sickness but this game will give it to me. I also got Star Wars pinball and really like it.

If you like Ping Pong, Eleven is awesome. You just can’t describe how real it feels.

Just replying to say that I did end up getting the Quest 2 and I am enjoying it very much. So far, I’ve got Eleven ping pong, which as Nars said is crazily realistic in gameplay. It’s very relaxing to play, really - my go to so far. I also grabbed Thrill of the Fight, which is a surprisingly good workout, if not the most graphically pretty game. And I just got Vader Immortal, which I am absolutely loving so far, though I am only 10 minutes or so in.

My biggest problem is that I don’t have a big space to play it in, so I’m constantly concerned about whacking into things.