VT/CT/WI/MN primaries discussion

4 states holding primaries today.

A few interesting races.

In Minnesota, Keith Ellison’s questionable decision to run for attorney general may backfire

In Wisconsin, what happens to Paul Ryan’s seat? Iron Stache may have come out strong but it looks like there’s a lot of skeletons in his closet

Who’s going to challenge Scott Walker in Wisconsin? There’s no term limits there and he may have worn out his welcome. That bizarre presidential run certainly didn’t help him.

And, of course, Saint Bernard will win the Democratic nomination for Vermont Senator but will show us just how independent he is.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal projecting Tony Evers will win the Wisconsin Democratic primary for governor. He’s state education superintendent and generally considered middle of the road. Recent polls have shown him with a lead over Walker or just trailing. He’s also considered very bland.

Walker, boosting the FoxConn deal, got photographed wearing a hat. A major no-no for a politician. (Except MAGA)

Given that faux-pas, I’m guessing Evers has a shot.

Randy Bryce now projected as the winner in the Democratic primary to fill Paul Ryan’s vacated seat.

Vermont Dems pick Christine Hallquist, a transgender woman as their candidate. However, Vermont is one of three Blue states with popular Republican governors.
Iron Stache, Randy Bryce, won in Wisconsin CD-1. If all that’s out there is a DUI and a marijuana charge, then he should still be competitive in Paul Ryan’s district.

Johnson > Pawlenty in MN Republican governor primary is a bit of a story.

Not even close. However, a late breaking domestic violence accusation may end up sticking around until November.

Yup, Ellison won easily. I’m no fan of his, but the accuser sounds like she’s in need of mental health treatment.

Very long and confusing statement:


In Missouri, an actual fucking nazi won a republican state house primary.

MN voter here. My precinct had about 20% turnout, and did not go for Ellison.
Looking at the Us Senate race, D votes outnumbered R by about 2:1


I’m just glad TPaw was shown the door. Not that I’d vote for either one of them. They had a sit down last week where they jockeyed to claim who supported Trump first.

Looks like Minnesota voters decided that two terms of Tim was Pawlenty…

I’ve read one article saying that there’s apparently a disturbing video of Ellison getting physical with his ex. Ellison’s career could be in jeopardy.

Will be interesting to see if organized labor can fight back in Wisconsin the way it did in Missouri. If unions can regain footing in the Heartland and if Democrats can capitalize on that, then the Republican party could be in some trouble. I think before the Democrats start getting too deep into Medicare for all and the fight for $15, they really need to repair their relationship with unions, and they need to be unabashed supporters of workers rights and other union issues, except maybe on protective tariffs.

Yeah, I’m a little worried that not only will this end up costing the DFL the AG seat but will drag down DFL candidates across the ticket.

Any chance that crossover voters could have been a factor in that Vermont primary?

The Wisconsin primary set a state record for primaries with almost a million voters. Democrats outnumbered Republicans statewide.

From another board:
Evers’ victory speech last night contained all the effervescence and confidence of a young George McFly when he gets bullied by Biff at the diner.


If “not Trump” didn’t work, “not Walker” doesn’t have a chance. I have not come into contact with many Walker voters who are even considering flipping their vote. Evers will absolutely need to inspire and I don’t see it happening.

And they don’t even mention Walker’s 100 to 1 dollar advantage.

Obviously, now that the primary is over, Evers will catch up some. But he’ll still be outspent two to one, and that ignores tens of millions of dollars from dark money PAC ads for Walker.

Evers has won statewide races – though DPI is obviously a different level. And don’t forget Rebecca Dallet. Wi is purple and turnout will be the biggest factor. Though I get your point that Evers is not Mr excitement

In MN but gets WI tv stations

And I just saw my first anti Evers ad (paid for by the Republican party) – so much for the pause in political ads. (I’m not sure I saw one yesterday, so that may mean I had a 1 day break)
while posting this I saw my second (paid for by the WMC)

Again, I don’t even live in WI – just that most of my stations are WI focused (most of their antennas and in one case studio IS/ARE in MN)


The timing of the claims released days before the primary (originally made by Ellison’s ex-partner’s son) along with the fact that no one seems to actually have the supposed video led me to believe that the whole thing was an attempt to smear Ellison’s name and keep him from being the Democratic nominee. If it was an attempt to get a different Democrat on the November ballot, or if the claims are false, we may never hear another peep about this.
I found it interesting that in MN, the Democratic turnout seems to have been about 80% higher than the Republican. 4 years ago, there was about a 5% difference in turnout, between Democrats and Republicans.

The timing is meant to hurt Ellison, no question, but that makes TWO women claiming abuse over the years, which means he probably is an abuser.

Pissed at Ilhan Omar’s win. I hope the Democrats do the right thing and deny her any committee assignments. BDS supporters do not belong in Congress.