VunderBob's life lesson of the day

Lesson learned: If you’re commuting to work by bicycle, always wear glasses (even sunglasses in the morning twilight if you have to) to keep the road dust out of your eyes.

I rode past 2 guys using leaf blowers, and caught a faceful of dust that got under my contacts. The pain nearly knocked my off my bike. I’ll be stopping by the local sporting goods for some wraparound goggles later tonight.

Unclviny’s lesson learned:

When you lower the tailgate, your truck gets LONGER (I was stunned when I learned this), tailgates are expensive!.

This Doppler-like effect is unexplainable, I think it’s some form of magic.


The life lesson misstee learned yesterday.
Go with your gut feelings. If you think the asshole beside you is going to speed up and cut you off, he probably is.

Sorry mom, I didn’t mean to slam on the breaks so hard you spilled your water, but I figure that is better than kissing the ass end of the guy who decided to cut me off.

After a night of drinking, if you manage to drag yourself out of bed the next day and walk the half an hour it takes to get the uni, the lecture WILL be cancelled.

After a night of drinking. Skip lectures. In fact, skip them anyway. Rarely worth the effort… especially if it’s Economics lectures. Your bed is much more comfortable to sleep in than the seat in the lecture theater. (Used this bit of knowledge today…)

Staying late at work does not make an empty apartment any less empty.

[li]Never touch anything with your bare hands that you do not fully understand.[/li][li]“Yes” made be turned into “No” & vicesa versa if a sufficient amount of wordage is applied.[/li][li]Never accept a “No” from somebody who doesn’t have the authority to say “Yes”.[/li][/ul]