WA State folks, please tell me about Kitsap

My company may have a job for me in WA, in (on?) Kitsap. I’ve been wanting to move to WA (or OR) for awhile now and if this bid goes through, I may have my chance. So what’s Kitsap Isle like? Where’s the best city on Kitsap to live? Anything you can tell me would help.

Kitsap is the name of a county on the west side of Puget Sound, much of it is a peninsula that is also called the Kitsap Peninsula. It is across Puget Sound from Seattle and Tacoma. The largest city is Bremerton, it is known for the US Navy base. If you want to do anything in Seattle or Tacoma, you have 2 choices. The most common method is the Tacoma Narrow bridge. Or you can take the Seattle-Bremerton ferry.

The weather is different from Seattle too. Kitsap County is protected from the weather that blows in from the Pacific by the Olympic Mountains. The summers are warmer, there tends to be less rain but the winters are colder and they get a lot more snow than Seattle.

Housing tends to be a bit cheaper than Seattle. When you get away from Bremerton/Silverdale, Kitsap County is definitely rural. There is a lot to do recreation wise. The area is surrounded by Puget Sound and Hood Canal and there are many lakes. Olympic National Park is less than an hour away. My son has lived over there the past 10 years of so and he likes it there.

I live in Kitsap County and commute to Seattle via the ferry. It is quite a bit cheaper to live here then it is in Seattle. Port Orchard (the county seat and where I live) is about 10000 people. Small town for sure, great place to raise my family yet close enough to a big city for me to make my living.

Food wise it…well it sort of sucks :slight_smile: Not a lot of great restaurants but there are a few. If I was single and younger I likely wouldn’t like living here but at my age and with a family it is a good place to raise them.

I like living here but sometimes miss living in Seattle. But in the bigger scheme of things I believe it is a good place. What specific questions do you have?

There are lots of little towns here, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Poulsbo, etc. Bremerton is the largest city but I don’t think it is the nicest city here by a long stretch.