Wade Steffey found dead - electrocution was cause of death

That explains why he didn’t smell of decomposition, at least. :confused:

I read this on CNN, and was also amazed that someone had checked the room, but something about didn’t walk all the way in because they didn’t want to be near the transformers or something. How far into the room had he stumbled to be not noticeable? And if he walked into the room by mistake, how did the door get closed behind him? I guess it could have been one that closes on its own though. Like everyone else said, way to go, top-notch search teams they had… He was in an unlocked room of his dorm being electrocuted for two months. And no one thought to check there? :smack:

Yeah, wouldn’t he smell of, uh, fried?

How does a continuous current prevent it smelling? :confused:

Would it be that the right electrical flow may get the flesh “cured”, as it were, specially if it’s in a dry environment? Damn this is awful. I feel for the Purdue community and the family.

I don’t know about the electricity specifically, but this article has a few words from a professor of entomology at Purdue:

I confess that I’m morbidly curious, but I don’t feel right about asking about it here. I started up a GQ thread on the issue.

What sort of Frankenstein lab was this transformer room? Unless an electrician left a panel off, or a hatch open, there’s normally not any “Casually touch this and die” stuff exposed for someone to bump into.

I’ve been in electrical rooms in buildings ranging in size from decrepit 6-flat apartment buildings to 4000-student capacity schools and even a telephone switching office or two, and yes, there are enormous hulking lumps and a pervasive hum and there’s conduits and overhead busways, and panels festooned with lights, switches and meters, but nothing in its normal condition that could shock you if you brushed against it.

I know I’m going to hell for this, but I keep picturing his last words as “It’s OK, I’m Homer Simps–!”

Will Purdue bill his family for all this wasted electricity?

My thoughts exactly.

The poor family.

At least he died quickly and he will probably come back to haunt future students in that hall, so that is a perk.