This Guy Actually Did Kill Himself

Kind of blows me away - here’s a thread concerning an article in the newspaper.

The article describes how police followed a suicidal man through three counties. He’d called 911 while driving, to say he might hurt himself. The police took him to the hospital.

The first respondent in the thread took great umbrage with the newspaper’s decision to print the article describing the incident. He gave his name, and a whole lot of personal details about the suicidal man.

Very angry person.

He’d posted to various threads a few times - didn’t write anything terribly insightful or interesting. In fact, some of the things he wrote were downright ignorant and hateful (and full of typos).

About a month later, a body was found.

Now, it so happened that everyone in town has been out LOOKING for a young man, because a Purdue freshman by the name of Wade Steffey is missing.

But when the body was found it was obvious this man was at least a decade older. So the newspaper ran the unfortunate headline “Not Who Everybody’s Been Looking For”. Seriously, the newspaper actually ran that.

They didn’t give the suicide victim’s name; in an editorial, they explained that doing so generally goes against their policy.

But there in the obits, on a date matching the discovery of the body, is the same person who knew so much about the suicidal man who’d been chased through 3 counties.

I’m confused. The obits only go back to January 30.

Is Tom Parient the man who died, and he died on January 4, the day he posted about his friend?

Sorry, didn’t mean to be oblique.

Yes, it’s Tom Parient. His obit is dated February 1.

You weren’t oblique – I wasn’t reading in the right chronological order and managed to confuse myself by looking for an obit on the Purdue student.

What a sad story.

OK, I’m reeeaaally confused. I’m glad that AuntiePam got it.

Let me try to see if I got this right. Tom Parient was featured in an police blotter type article where Tom was chased around by the police and taken to the hospital for suicide threats. Tom later posts a note on the newspaper’s forum in response to this article that people shouldn’t make judgments about this guy because he’s friends with the guy and the guy is having a hard time. It turns out that Tom Parient IS likely the suicidal guy and killed himself shortly after that.

Is that fairly close?

Is the surprising part that he posted on a forum where his posts could be interpreted as cries for help? Or something else?

"Not Who Everybody’s Been Looking For"? Holy cow, that is amazingly insensitive. I hope someone took them to task for that.
It’s sad that so many people’s replies to his original post were harsh. I notice that the last response to his original post (from “warpig” on Jan 7th) read between the lines and realized that Tom was talking about himself. It’s tragic that in many suicides the person does leave clues about what they’re planning, as if they’re ambivalent about going through with it, but unfortunately despite good intentions people often don’t realize the significance of the clues until it’s too late. :frowning:

Comedy of errors - let me try again.

The car chase happened on January 3, and an article describing it was printed the following day. “Tom Parient” posted in response to the article, and gave a yahoo address with the same name in his post. He’d posted online on a few other occasions prior to this.

I think it was January 30 that the body was found, the one nobody was looking for. An obit for Tom Parient ran on February 1.