Wait a minute! I'm not quite old yet, because...

I’m not quite old yet because My BIL, cousin, a tiny little girl and I beat 4 VERY fit college guys at water vollyball.

(I’m still waiting to hear from my doctor about posible shoulder surgery from that).

(Nothin againts tiny little girls, but water vollyball is really tough if your short).

My mother-in-law (age 88) told us this week that she refuses to go into assisted living because “the place is full of old people.”

I’m not old yet because I am 25. I will be 26 in about 3 weeks but that still isn’t old so I am okay with that.


I’m not old yet because, last August, when I decided for a radical hair style change that included letting my hair go back to its natural color (and it’d been so long, I didn’t know what that was), it turns out that I have really dark brown hair – and not a single gray hair in it, at a few months shy of 50.

(My sisters have decided I have my maternal grandmother’s hair – not a speck of gray when she died at 88. So, thanks, Nana! Because of you, I have the potential of deluding myself about my youthfulness for many years to come.)

I’m not Old Yet, because today, one of my former coworkers, 29, came to me today with a good query about where she was in this point in her life; we talked it all out, came to a good end in what she might do with it all. (She’s a pure lovely, will do well regardless of what I say) Yet, she still said “This is why I come to you, you just see it more clearly, and I know I can come to you with no bullshit at all rationization…”

That is a joy, and makes me feel young enough to keep seeing things young enough. passin it all on…

I’m not old yet because I’m the youngest member of my canoe crew, and because I out-ski the outdoor ed university students.

I’m not old yet because no-one looks askance at my purple hair


I’m not old yet because my girlfriend says I still act like a kid. Ok that’s true, and hey at 24 I am still a kid by many reasonable definitions.

Hey, put down those canes! :smiley:

I’m not old yet because I always park in the outer reaches of parking lots, leaving the closer spots for the old folks.

I’m not old yet, because . . .

Oh crap, I’m old!

…because as old as I feel sometimes - like tonight, after hanging around a bunch of high school students, one of whom actually called me old - intellectually I know I’m not even officially in my late 20s.

…because I’ve only got a couple of gray hairs and nobody else can see them.

I’m not old yet because I still stop at SpongeBob when I’m channel surfing.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I do to! Spongebob Rulez! I need the reassurance after what happened a few nights before this thread started. I was walking down the hotel’s hallway. I passed a couple, the husband carrying a 4 year old girl. She was cute as the Dickens, smiling at me so I smiled and waved. Just after they pass, she says in a stage whisper, “That was Santa Claus!” Unless I’m mistaken, that’s not an confirmation of my youthfulness. At least everyone loves Santa.

She was in my guild, too! And I"m not the oldest person in my guild by far. So ok, I guess I’m not old.

I’m not old yet because I have a student ID and get student discounts, and I still get carded all the time despite being 36.