Wait a minute! I'm not quite old yet, because...

In the spirit of the Monty Python line, “I’m not quite dead yet!”, what are the things you use to justify the claim you’re not quite old yet?

Invoking Monty Python is probably a dead giveaway, unfortunately. But I’ll start anyway.

I’m not quite old yet! Because the time span between my father’s freshman year at college, and my freshman year is still longer than the time between my freshman year and now. Let’s see…1942 for him, 1975 for me…wait a minute…It’s the same!

OK then, I’m not quite old yet because the time between my father’s freshman year and my first year of graduate school is longer than the time since then,…


Your turn.

I’m not old yet because I still spank my monkey when I have a chance! :smiley:

I’m not quite old yet because I still sometimes get carded.

I’m not quite old yet because I say so!

I’m not old yet because a lot of places offer “student” and “adult” prices, and I’m still in the former category.

I’m not old yet because if I were a hobbit, I wouldn’t even come of age for another two years.

I hadn’t been carded in years, but it just happened the other night. I stepped into a bar for a quick gin and tonic. I don’t normally go there and they don’t know me, but even so I was surprised when the bartender asked for ID. I said, “Are you kidding me?” I’m bald. I have salt in my goatee. The bartender said they had to ask everyone, anyway. Whatever, I guess.

I’m not quite old yet, because I still slide down banisters, and ride shopping carts through the parking lot at Home Depot!

I should qualify that. I’ve been carded, recently, in a situation where people younger than I were not. By the same server. :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m old.

Last night I ran an instance in World of Warcraft with someone who was born the year I graduated high school.

I’m not old yet because the sweet young things/waitesses at the coffee shop think I’m a nice guy and not creepy.

I’m not old yet, because I still camp in a tent instead of a trailer! (Okay, I do have an air mattress, but EVERYONE has an air mattress these days. At least mine isn’t the double stacked tall air mattress yet. :wink: )

I’m not old yet, because tonight I went to the dollar store with my 15 year old, and I got the jump on *him *by hiding around a corner and leaping out to attack with a foam pirate sword.

(Two aisles later, he got me with a Ninja throwing star and a glow in the dark gecko.)

Ummm… I turned 50 today, so I’m struggling to come up with a good answer, other than that I still have a kid in elementary school. :slight_smile:

I’ll have you young whippersnappers know that I wear my black
I’M NOT DEAD YET T-Shirt every birthday party now.

I’m not old yet because I’ve never purchased alcohol without being carded!

I’m pretty sure I’m not old yet. but right now I can’t remember why.

Friend at work: “Why are you walking like that?”

Me: “Because, I still can.”


You’re not old because you’re still playing computer games.

I’m not old because people still call me immature.

Yeah, I’m running into people like that . . . in my guild.

I’m not old yet because I haven’t yet cut my hair off into the classic “old lady” poodle style.

That means I’m not old yet! Even though I’m too old to be a baby boomer, and I sometimes get senior discounts, playing computer games saves me. (And I’m probably also saved from advanced senility by my habit of watching lots of anime.)