Wait... ______ is still alive?

She was the second wife, not much older than his eldest son, KIA in Burma.
(Has anyone firmly established who Beatrice Edens’s prominent American lover was? The guy who reneged on his promise to marry her).

Watching A Bridge Too Far (1977), I’ve just realised that Hardy Krüger (The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)), is still alive. He’s 93.

And probably back on that diet.

I saw today that Barry Corbin and John Cullum, both on Northern Exposure, are both still alive (81 and 91 respectively). I thought sure that at least Barry Corbin had died.

John Cullum has a glorious baritone voice. I loved him as Rutledge in 1776. Glad to see he’s still kicking.

Wow. [five characters]