Wait! The election answers are HERE! Unca Cecil!

My GOD, you guys! We have The Font of All Wisdom right HERE! While we bicker and pick nits, Unca Cecil could explain it all for us! What is right, what is wrong, what is legal, what will work and won’t…

So I put out the plea:

Cecil, will you please explain it all for us? Help us out of this morass of confusion, bitterness and partisanship, and into the One Truth that only You can provide?

Please? Before we kill each other right on your turf?

I think this would be like asking him, “Is there a God?” :wink:

Can we elect Cecil as prez?

I join the call for Cecil’s aid in our time of need. I’m especially still in doubt that if Florida is thrown out, Gore wins since he has a majority of the EC votes cast. If that is true, couldn’t Bush just challenge every vote in every state Gore won and make it so Gore has 0 EC votes, Bush some number more than zero, causing him to win?

Well, no. A re-count is usually only an option if the difference is somewhere around 1% (or .5%?) of the votes. Most of the states either Bush or Gore won were well above that margin, so neither could justifiably call for a re-count in those states.

This thread is NOT about anyone but Himself answering any questions or debating any issues! Please do not sully it with your disagreements, or he may never appear!

I feel not unlike Linus hanging out in the pumpkin patch…shhhhh