Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's greatest moment ever

I’m just now listening to the podcast of last weekend’s episode. It’s the listener limerick challenge, the limerick is:

I can face all the undead hordes calmly
Even if they can learn how to bomb me.
In my fort I keep fresh,
And they won’t eat my flesh.
My new home will protect me from…
And the listener, without skipping a beat, apparently in all seriousness, answered:


Awesome :slight_smile:
So…is there a more obvious choice?
cause I can’t think of anything else that rhymes.

Doh…zombies. /facepalm

Yeah, maybe I should sleep, lol.


Did the panel just fall out with laughter? I went to a taping of an episode in Maryland a couple months back, it was pretty cool.

Do you have a link to the podcast? I’d love to hear that.

I’m still partial to one from about six years ago. There was a question about a woman who put her infant through the x-ray scanner at the airport. That was followed by the bumper music…Carry On My Wayward Son.

Here’s the show’s page; the link to the podcast is near the top. I don’t have a time point, but it’s part 6 (of 8) of the show, with the author interview being part 4 and then current news questions to the panel as the next part.

It’s for July 21, 2012 in case someone dredges up this thread later and a new episode is linked.

That reminds me of the NPR story (on Weekend Edition IIRC) about the man who’d had his ear severed in an accident and the doctors had sewn it into his thigh to keep blood flow going until it was ready to be reattached some days later. The man disappeared, still with his ear in his leg, and never came back. The musical bump:Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me

My favorite WWDTM moment was from veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald’s appearance on “Not My Job”, and specifically the spider story. It was like every other line in that story was a punchline. You can hear it here; the relevant bit starts at 2.55.

That’s my favorite, too. There was so much ‘awesome’ in that story- his roadie history, his flat-ish affect, the spider!

I heard it when it was first broadcast. Hilarious and yes, everone collectively snorted metaphorical coffee out of their noses, including me in my car.

Paula Poundstone is consistently quippy. Bobcat Goldthwait was on the panel - for that ep? - and interrupted a bit too much, but was surprisingly funny and non-persona; his voice wasn’t quite as strangled.

I have to think having Bill Clinton answer questions about My Little Pony has to be right up there.

One of my favorites was a couple of years ago when they had singer Neko Case on to play “Not My Job”. The questions were about Necco wafers, and the first question was about them being eaten by Civil War soldiers. The entire rest of the segment turned into one huge hilarious riff on Ken Burns’ “Civil War” documentary.

That’s the one I came here to mention.

That was kind of surreal. But Bill wasn’t really funny despite the polite laughter.

On of my favorite game show moments was on Jeopardy when the answer was something like, “An immoral pleasure seeker, or garden implement” and the contestant asked, “What is a hoe?” The question was supposed to be “What is a rake?” although I had to check my dictionary on that one. I saw a video posted online but I don’t know if that was aired.

For my money, the greatest bit ever was Roy Blount’s story about E.J. Junior, Senior, Junior High.

That was Ken Jennings and yes that was part of the regular aired episode.

That was excellent. My daughter, a MLP FIM fan, was mad at how easy the questions were. What? They were going to let the former President fail???

Heard the Romney one too. Hysterical.

Another good Jeopardy! moment was the video daily double in the Starts with a Body Part category. It was a picture of a small rodent. The answer was chinchilla but the contestant guessed titmouse.

Similarly there was a moment last weekend on Prairie Home Companion that was absolutely the most funny (and potentially insulting thing I’d ever heard).

14:15 minutes in there is this interchange between Garrison (GK) and Jearlyn Steele (JS), who is a large black woman who was the guest musical star.

GK &JS: commenting about the beautiful view up the hills/mountains in the distance from L.A.
GK: It’s a long way to walk [up to the top of the Hollywood sign].
JS: I might be down to a size 1 by the time I get all the way up there.
GK: Ain’t know mountain high enough!

  • the last line being the lead in to JS’s next song.

Granted upon relistening it is definitely a scripted joke but still, it seems a bit unlike most PHC comedy.

Weird. Its not in that show, and I didn’t hear it when I listened to the podcast last week. Are you sure you didn’t hear a different episode. Last weeks was the one with the Phantom Tollbooth author.