Wait, what, I'm a GUEST!!!

Ok, I know, that I am paid up. I also know that when I have received a reminder, I renew. So, WTF, if this is an error, I would appreciate a PM or a reply here. If not, let me know who to e-mail and fax a canceled check to to fix this.

FTR, I know this doesn’t need to be in open forum, but I haven’t been a GUEST in 4 years and forgot how to conduct myself.

SSG Schwartz

But on the upside, now you get to use little seashell shaped soaps and dry your hands on the fancy towels. :smiley:

According to our records your subscription expired 2-6-2009.

So yes sir, you are no longer a Member and currently a Guest.

If you have resubscribed already and it didn’t register please send me the confirmation – I don’t need the credit card info, just the confirmation info on the transaction, which would be in the email receipt sent to you – and I’ll take it to Jerry, he’s the subscription fixer guy.

Don’t post it here but please send me email at tubadiva AT aol dot com.

You can check your subscription information at any time by going to “User CP” and clicking on “Paid Subscriptions.” You can also resubscribe from that page.

Please let me know what I can do to help you here.

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at ease

Speaking of, where does one check one’s subscription date-meaning, when do I know to re-up?

(Although considering the recent changes, I might just be content to remain a guest…)
(Never mind-it’s under "Paid Subscriptions.)

PVT, I like you, I may let you go home and…:smack:

Carry on,

SSG Schwartz

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SSG Schwartz

Well done; Stand At Ease.


Please don’t kill me, for I am a humble smartass, Sergent.