waiting in line

Is there anyone here who always picks the quickest line to get into? Is there a way to tell which would be the best one?
I seem to do pretty well at it, especially at the grocery store. No matter how many folks, the less items they have, the quicker the line goes.
Of course, then theres the wild card of the cashier person, who’s cash register suddenly malfunctions.

All other things being equal, I’ll pick the line with a woman checker. Where the checker is a woman, that is. Women talk more, and still seem to get your stuff through faster.
mangeorge (Himself a woman checker)

Pick any line that I’M ** not in ** because where ever I go, which ever line I pick, it’s * always the slowest. * I’m really not whining either, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that some people have a knack for things, and my knack is apparently to find the slowest lines, and cashiers. I do it well, too. :smiley:

When business picks up quickly and the checkouts all seem to be filling up they often open a new lane. I try to look for those situations when I get near the checkout and see if you can get an idea from the general body language of the manager or whoever where the newly opened lane is going to be and then drift over that way so you can be one of the first people in the new line.