Best Grocery Store Checkout Lines!

The 6 items or less line is always better than the 10 items or less line. Of course, if my mood is right, waiting at the deli counter is pure joy.

My favorite is #3, where the cute girl works.

Great thread, btw

I like to dodge all of the cattle waiting for the normal registers and get rung up at warp speed over at the photo or cosmetic counters.

It is about time that my butt got its props.

I like the third express lane from the left – it has the best magazines.

Another vote for the one(s) with the cute girl(s). My local SS has a fine selection of young babes.

I like to go to the photo or cosmetic counter with the prettiest girl.

They’re all horrible here in SoCal right now.

Unless you shop at Ralph’s! :eek:

I usually go over to the garden section if their not busy. Sometimes those people at the pharmacy will check me out too.

If I only have a few items, I’ll use the U-Scan, but I normally just do the stand-and-read-the-rumor-rag-covers bit and wait the required 10-15 minutes while the clerk rings up another 4-6 people. I also try to do the shopping at odd hours so there’s less waiting time, but I usually don’t remember that, and wind up repeating the same foolish mistakes over and over, as if that’s part of the joy of grocery shopping.

I’ll use the U-scan if I have few enough items to fit in three bags (the number of bags our U-scan has, without having the cashier clear the whole thing so you can take those bags off and load up more). But I do my “major marketing” on Sunday night after my youngest is in bed (so I don’t have to drag her with me). On Sunday nights, the store isn’t packed like it is on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. Then, I just pick the shortest line. Unless the shortest one is the one with the cranky cashier who has to inspect each coupon and go back through your order piece by piect to make sure you got the product the coupon is for, etc. She’s a pain in the ass.

I like the Self-Checkout Lanes. It can be a bit obnoxious when you have groceries, but I keep at it anyway. Better learn how to use them now, when they take over stores everywhere eventually.

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