walk me through posting a link

could ya? I can post it like this


but that looks stupid. I want to do it the cool way where it says “link” or whatever I want it to.

I found where it’s referenced (see below) but darned if I understand it. I gave it a few tries and didn’t get it to work.

If you’d like to be more clever, you can type the tags with quote marks:
a link to Fighting Ignorance
appears as:

also - how do I do that cool thing where you type something with lines through it so it’s marked out but you can still read it. you know? I only find how to underline something and I want to have the lines through the letters.

help a newbie out, thanks

Jackie, Mistress of Coolness wannabe

You type your post in the normal way, then you highlight which specific words you want to be a link and click on the small globe with what appears to be a link in a chain, to the direct right of the A with a black bar underneath it.

Then you paste your link into the thingy that comes up and you’re done.

I am typing my post in the normal way (twitches) and here comes my link which I will highlight


same result as before (grrrrrr) I put my link in and it looks the same. I want to put it in but then have it just SAY “link to book” or whatever - do you see what I mean?

I already CAN post the link, I want to make it say what I want it to.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Well, it was when I cut and pasted it. You just have to follow the link and scroll down to hyperlinking.

You misunderstand me, probably because I wasn’t more clear.

Don’t post the link, that’s not what I mean by normally. Write your post exactly how you want it to look, then highlight whichever word/s you want to contain the link, then press the world/link button thingy and paste your URL.

And further down the page shows you how to do the del thing.


[noparse][del]Text you want struckthrough[/del][/noparse]
[del]Text you want struckthrough[/del]


I am following the example under URL Hyperlinking, can you tell what i am doing wrong? I tried putting “swellbook” as the option parameter…:confused:

typing swell book

it works! huzzah!

thanks to all blowing kisses

bet I can do the strike through thing, too, thanks Donkey Oatey (hee)

You’re putting swellbook where the url should be. If you click on the quote box under anyone’s post you can see how it was coded.

I feel [del]swollen[/del] really swell.

And you’re there. It’s more like Don Keyoatey,btw.

You’re putting swellbook where the url should be
bet you didn’t think you’d ever type that, did you?
huh, use quote and see how it’s done. excellent!!


sorry. was thinking Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood :stuck_out_tongue:

When I just looked you had 12 replies and only 19 views. That’s gotta be some kind of record.

Really? I got the Don Quixote joke but I’ve been reading it as Donkey Oatey. A friend had a donkey he named Hoti, perhaps that influenced me.

I guess I do too, but if anyone is going to shorten it, I’d much rather be called Don than Donkey.

Hi Don!

If you want to show BB code in order to explain it, you can also use the “noparse” tags.

Like, if I wanted to show the correct way to code a link into a word.
The first word after the colon will be a link: Google.

That will display thus:
The first word after the colon will be a link: Google.

(Note that in order to show the “noparse” tags I used them twice, nested on the same line. If you use them only once, they are not displayed, but if you use them twice the non-displayed ones will show as whitespace.)

That’s the manual way to code a link into text. The GUI shortcut is to outline the word or piece of text you want to transform into a hyperlink then click the button marked with a globe and a sideways paperclip and then enter the location you want to link to. It’s under the smiley dropdown menu and if you keep your mouse over it, the mouseover text reads “Insert Link.”