walking across the Millau viaduct in France (world's tallest bridge)

The tallest bridge in the world is in France

Does anyone know if it’s possible to walk across it, like you can cross the San Francisco bridge on foot? That’s something I would love to do during my summer vacation.

My french isn’t what it’s supposed to be but in so far as I understand it.Le Viaduct de Millau has no mention of a footpath (is that a word?).
Nor is there any obvious space available in the pictures I’ve seen.

Sorry, it seems to be off-limits to pedestrians, or so it says here.

As The Librarian (ook!) said, there appears to be no mention of a footpath on the official website. This picture shows that there might be one between the low guardrail and the taller one, and this one shows what might be a footpath approaching the bridge. Not conclusive, by any means.

On preview, Sal Ammoniac seems to have found the answer,

You can bike across it for €3,50.

Sal Ammoniac, where on that page does it say that pedestrians aren’t allowed? My French isn’t what it used to be, but I can’t find it. Or did you link to the wrong page?


interdit aux piétons

motorcycle not bicycle (you knew that, right?)

If I recall from the documentary on building it, (Crazy by the way… amazing feat of engineering & construction) it’s covered in cameras, has dedicated personel to go yell at you if you even stop on it.

Think of it as a major interstate highway, with no shoulder, which happens to be WAY up in the air.

No stopping, no bicycles, mopeds, basejumping or horses allowed. No peeing off the edge, and certainly not on the windward side.

I could not find any reference to being able to walk on this bridge. It is really an awsome bridge though and I think it is too high to allow walking.

Some bridges that are generally closed to foot traffic are open one day a year, and this seems to be one of them. There’s a 23.7K footrace on May 13 this year that crosses the viaduct in both directions, but it looks to me like they’re fully subscribed (participation being limited to 10,000 people). I can’t say whether it’s an annual event or a one-off. See http://www.course-viaducdemillau.com/accueil.php4

Nitpick - there is a shoulder (as is standard for Autoroutes). See Crotalus’s pictures. And there’s definitely no footpath, including in those pictures. One is merely a gap between the crash barrier and the wind shield (it’s high enough to need them to protect vehicles from crosswinds), the second is just some access road for maintenance.

I guess my choices are to get a motorcycle for the best view, or else join the footrace. Or, possibly, climb up to the top of the bridge using one of the supporting concrete piers! All I need is some suction cups.

It’s a nice area for a vacation, even if you can’t walk across the bridge. I’ve driven on the road that follows alongside the river the bridge crosses. That road has very little traffic and would make a nice bike ride or walk, while giving you amazing views of the bridge along with some nice countryside. The gorges to the east of the bridge has great hiking and rafting. As a bonus, it’s Roquefort cheese area. Mmmm.

I recall seeing a programme about somebody who did jump off it after it was finished but before it opened. He had everything planned precisely to avoid the security.

What happened to the guy? I assume he died immediately.


The documentary about its construction is on the SCIENCE Channel RIGHT NOW-Sunday 2/26/07 10-11a.m. EDT

That’s on my supplement to the DirecTV system.


Not to be snarky, but what are the criteria for being too high for walking? It’s not like it requires supplemental oxygen or anything.

Safety of those that might do themselves harm… Just think of the paperwork for the poor bridge workers.

If you are just looking to walk across the highest road roadbed, try the Royal Gorge Bridge that includes a walkway. It is the highest roadway.