Wallace & Gromit movie to be released Oct. 14

Does an October release indicate that the movie is not good enough either for the summer or the New Year blockbuster season?

It appears that Cars won’t be coming out until June 2006. But I could have sworn that I saw teaser trailers (with The Incredibles?) that had a release date for Cars in November 2005. Are they delaying the release? Or am I mis-remembering?

A year without a Pixar feature release. 'Tis a sad thing.

There was a similar sight gag in A Grand Day Out, with Gromit drilling through a steel plate. The drill gets stuck, Gromit pushes harder and tries again, and is sent flying off with a little yelp.

Yes, and his rueful little nod and eyebrow-waggling. Good stuff.

Ohhhhhhhhh… I already have the three shorts, and am torn on whether or not to buy it again just to get the Cracking Contraptions shorts. Damn you, Dreamworks! :mad: :wink:

They delayed it. Cars is close to finished (or may already be finished), but Pixar feels their movies do better with Summer releases than Fall ones – it’s believe that The Incredibles didn’t do that well at the box office because of its November release. And, I suspect, another reason for the delay was to get leverage against Disney; Steve Jobs wanted to wait until Michael Eisner was out of the job so he can negotiate with the new CEO (Iger), with Cars as a bit of leverage.

You know you’ve got a good studio when a movie that grosses 261 million dollars in the theaters and is the fifth-highest grossing movie released that year can be described as “not doing that well at the box office.”

Well, I think the point was that Shrek 2 (which came out in the Spring) made almost twice as much as The Incredibles did (which opened in late autumn), despite the latter getting much better reviews and word-of-mouth. I think the thinking at Pixar is that the potential repeat-viewing audience goes relatively unexploited when they’re too busy with school, holidays, etc., so repositioning their release schedule for the spring will help maximize their b.o. potential.

Ah, I can’t wait.

To mention only a couple of things:

From A Grand Day Out, I love where they’re just firing up the rocket, and all the mice whip out their sunglasses and put them on in perfect formation.

Also from AGO: Gromit reading the book, Electronics for Dogs.

From A Close Shave, after Preston catches Gromit’s airplane by the propeller in his hands, I like how after the plane spins around and Preston drops it, he still makes little circular movements with his paws until he “recovers”.

From The Wrong Trousers, how when Feathers is reconnoitering the museum heist, he hooks his tape measure on the second storey, then is pulled up by the tape.

Nothing beats Gromit (one ‘m’ or two?) laying down train tracks at high speed in The Wrong Trousers. Wallace’s synchronized sheep in Close Shave comes close, but that super-blur track-layin’ gets me every time. :smiley:

One dumb gag that always makes me laugh: In The Wrong Trousers, Gromit (one M, rjung) is spying on Feathers McGraw while reading the newspaper in a cafe. One of the headlines in the newspaper is “Dog Reads Paper.”

“There goes me knotty pine!”
I also like the double-take Preston the evil dog does in A Close Shave when he looks out the truck’s rear view mirror and sees the sheep on the motorcycle.

Shawn the sheep is probably my favorite character after W + G themselves. He is completely disarming and seems not very bright but he is about as resourceful as Gromit is. The two of them forge an alliance to defeat Preston the cyber dog.

I’m thoroughly jazzed about this movie. My one sliver of disappointment: although I can certainly understand why they changed it, I found the original working title to be quite amusing: The Great Vegetable Plot. That’s the sort of wordplay you don’t see enough of in most clay-based animated feature films these days.

I will be seeing it.

No mentions of “Rex the Runt”…
Any fans?
My favorite scene – well, that’s not tough. Of course, it’s Vince popping up and singing the Pavarotti stuff. But second favorite is tough. Maybe the blender concoction (“we’ve created a monster!”) throwing his voice “Far too talented” just before Vince swallows him?

I can’t wait for a new W&G. However, I was a bit disappointed in Chicken Run, which makes me nervous about the new W&G.

Anyone else?

I’ve already seen it - it’s opened here in Australia. Hilarious is a good word for it. :smiley:
Bunnies, floating gently in the big glass ball…
Ahem…at any rate, it’s well worth a trip to the cinema, and I’ll be buying it when it comes out on DVD. There’s so much going on at any given time, so much in the background, that you really have to look sharp.

Gromit reading Crime and Punishment by Fido Dogstoyevsky while languishing in prison always gets a laugh: as does his sobbing breakdown on receiving the enormous jigsaw puzzle - which he then completes just in time to read the jailbreak plan written on it. The all time favourite, though, has to be when his sidecar plunges off the cliff only to sprout wings and an engine: cue aerobatic heroics and numerous flying movie references.

Entertainment Weekly said its coming out Oct. 7.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! I’ve been hooked since I saw Creature Comforts, and then had to find out about everything else! I have W&G figurines on my bookshelf right now! Must dig out the videotapes and watch them all tomorrow…and then ask for the DVD’s for Christmas! When I saw the trailer come on at the movie theater I got giddy! Hope it’s the 7th…can’t stand to wait another week.

I’m very, very excited to see the W&G movie.

I liked in Chicken Run the street signs used for the propeller; Halifax and Lancaster were types of British bombers from WWII.

I too do the Wallace bent-fingered hand waving, often saying “It’s cheese!”

I don’t know what happened to my W&G tapes, but given that there’s a DVD coming out, I’ll just get that instead.