Wallace & Gromit movie to be released Oct. 14

“The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” is coming out this fall. Peter Sallis will again do Wallace’s voice; guest stars are Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter. Looks like it’ll be good.

Any other W&G fans out there in Doperdom? Are you looking forward to the movie? Do you have any favorite stars/scenes/lines from past shows? My favorite line is Wallace’s to Gromit in “A Close Shave,” just after Gromit has escaped from jail: “A fugitive, eh? You’ll be hunted down, like… well, a dog!”

Gromit’s expression is priceless.

I dearly love Wallace & Gromit!

My favorite line is from The Wrong Trousers: “It’s no use prevaricating about the bush.”

I love Wallace & Gromit. I bought DVD of shorts for “kids”. Of course I’ve watched it more than them. I am looking forward to the movie.

<sigh> I love Wallace and Gromit. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of this film will be lessened because of the untimely death of my own personal Gromit.

I’ve got October 7 on my calendar. http://movieweb.com/movies/film.php?1399

I imitate Wallace’s little finger wave when I’m pleased. “Crackling toast, Gromit.”

Major W&G fan checking in…

Favorite scene: [A Close Shave] When Gromit is flying in to the factory, busting through doors, shooting porridge, and is caught by the Evil Dog. The Evil Dog is holding Gromit’s propeller…and Gromit’s plane starts spinning around! LOL! Priceless!

Question: Anyone know how long it took Nick Park and the gang to make this movie?

It’s cracking, I think.

Favorite moment: When Feathers McGraw pulls off the rubber-glove chicken disguise and Wallace gasps and says “It’s you!”

Maybe I should put that in a spoiler box. :wink:

W&G is only the second decent movie to come out of this year’s summer box office roster. :slight_smile:

With W&G, the upcoming The Corpse Bride, and Howl’s Moving Castle (and no Pixar in sight), this may be the first year that the Oscar slate for Best Animated Feature will be mercifully CG-free.

You don’t think Robots and Madagascar are shoo-ins? :wink:

[A Grand Day Out]
Wallace: Gromit, that’s it! Cheese! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!

[The Wrong Trousers]
(Wanted Poster): Have you seen this Chicken?

[A Close Shave]
Wendolene: Yer dog’s waiting.
Wallace: Aye, I’d better see to him. The bounce has gone from his bungee.

So much of the humor is sight gags that it’s hard to have favorite lines.

Dreamworks has announced they will be releasing a new DVD connection to tie in with the film: the three shorts: plus the ten new “Cracking Contraptions” shorts from the Internet, for the first time on DVD in the United States. Oh, I do enjoy a bit of gorgonzola…

I like all the Self referential humor in W/G

In A close shave… Feathers (From Wrong Trousers) Leaves a Message in Grommits Jail Cell. Also… the Portrait of the Shoulder Embrace is in each Episode.

But I hate that W&G Has to ride Chicken Run s Coat Tails … I mean… If there was no Wallace and Gromit… there would have been no Chicken Run.

Oh well…
I knew the Movie was in the works for a year or so now (Probably took way longer than a year) … Glad to see that… it is going to happen.
But W&G for those Unconverted Reading the Thread… Some of the Best stuff out there. Then again…MOST British Stuff is.

[The Wrong Trousers]
Grommit peering through the eye holes in the box he’s hiding under.
Laying the railway tracks at supersonic speed.

[Chicken Run] “Chocks away!” (Cut to Toblerone chocks) :slight_smile:

Too many others to mention.

BTW are you guys aware of the Creature Comforts short films?

I’m really looking forward to this one; I hope the transition to the big screen (and the alliance with Dreamworks) won’t have spoiled anything. I’ve been a fan of W&G since the beginning - i.e. when A Grand Day Out was released (and the Creature Comforts shorts were in circulation) - not many people had even heard of it, or W&G, until after The Wrong Trousers was released.

Favourite moment: “No crackers, Gromit! We’ve forgotten the crackers!” - and the ensuing panic.

[A Grand Day Out]
The mice in the cellar watching the launch, and putting their sunglasses on.
Gromit finding the answer to why the rocket’s not taken off - the handbrake’s on.

[The Wrong Trousers]
The malfunctioning porridge cannon.

[A Close Shave]
Gromit putting his head through the hole in the wall, to find it through a painting of a butcher killing a sheep. A photo is taken as evidence.
All the sheep on the motorbike.

[Chicken Run]
The parallels to The Great Escape are very well done, in my opinion.

[Creature Comforts]
The attention to detail - while one character is talking in the foreground, something amusing’s happening in the background. In all of them. Most amusing.
I can’t wait for the new one, I’m childishly excited!

That’s from A Close Shave.
Another line I say sometimes (to the amusement of no one else, naturally):
“But what’s wrong with Winsleydale?”

All of Gromit’s little sideways looks at the camera. “We tested this on Gromit, haven’t we lad?”

His expression when the toaster (sans toast) pops up and he realises that there is jam on the way (Wrong Trousers)

“Here’s to paying guests”

“Windows are our speciality!”

I only found out recently that Aardman did Morph. I miss Tony Hart…

“It’s the wrong trousers, Gromit, and they’ve gone wrong!”

Can’t wait for the movie.