Full length Wallace & Gromit movie this Fall. W00t! Link to trailer here


Hell yes. :smiley:

I know what I’m doing this fall. Fancy some cheese?


I was just thinking about whether there’l be another one after watching a show called “100 greatest cartoons” on channel 4 (uk)

The WG clip out-funnied all the others.

I realize what I’m about to say is old news, but it hasn’t been well publicized and the only previous thread I could find was over two years old:

Have you seen Cracking Contraptions yet?


It was the training for the various animators who banded together to make the new upcoming feature, so they could get the idea of what Wallace and Gromit should be like. 10 shorts, cool stuff.


Rufus Xavier, thanks for the link, thats the first I’d heard of those. going to check them out now…

Awesome!! :slight_smile:


Oh my head. How am I supposed to make it until Fall?

This almost makes up for not getting a new Pixar film in 2005. :wink:

(And I saw the first Cracking Contraptions, but didn’t know the others were available online. Neeters! :smiley: )

With Robots looking crappy, and Pixar’s Cars tabled for 2006, this puts Nick Park in a very good position to pick up his 4th Oscar, this time for Animated Feature (his other 3 were for shorts). I hope he’s really able to deliver the goods. :slight_smile:

Oh man, this is going to be great. I was just thinking about The Wrong Trousers and now this. Yay!

I’m an idiot. I posted the link without checking first. Only one of the ten shorts (Soccamatic) is viewable. The others are, inexplicably, unavailable, despite the fact that you can view stills from each of the other shorts and watch a short preview clip. The only videos or DVDs you can purchase are of the original three episodes from 10 years ago. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up. Still, I’m excited about the movie!

Dangit, I’m only getting audio. The screen’s black.

But it sounds like it’ll be good :).

It’s okay. I have a suspicion we’ll see all the Cracking Contraptions on the DVD for the movie. :slight_smile:

Check this page on Amazon.com, also this page. :slight_smile: I love Wallace and Gromit. You used to be able to watch the shorts on Shockwave.com, but not anymore it seems.

Heh, I’ve got that already. :slight_smile: It’s really fun watching how the Claymation has improved over the years. “A Grand Day Out” looks so rough in retrospect…

IT OPENS ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! Woo hoo! (may have to blow off that Oct 8 wedding in favor of a repeat viewing, even though Ralph Fiennes isn’t my favorite) and my name is Gwendolen…pretty close to the woman’s next door; Oh, I can’t eat cheese it doesn’t agree with me…not even Wensleydale? :frowning:

Seeing the sheep form an orderly shape on the sidecar was one of the funniest things EVAH!! and the penguin pulling off his glove/hat: “It’s you!”

(I saw the teasers for the new movie when looking up the pug entries on the Westminster dog show site–Gromit making suggestions on how to improve the show)

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