Wallace vs Fromberg: The Grapple In The Apple?

An “overtly assertive and disrespectful manner.” ? Having seen Mike on 60 Minutes a number of times we can be sure he’s capable of being direct but this description reeks of dressing up a complaint so it’ll appproach justification.

Wallace, meatloaf in hand “Lunged” at the two inspectors having a conversation with his driver? Heh, at 86 I’m more inclined to believe “Tripped” would be in order.

Just glad to see his meatloaf wasn’t taken away as “evidence.”

Yep thats pretty much the Mike Wallace I’ve seen all these years.

Actually it appears to be going easy on him. In my neck o’ the woods obstruction is more serious than disorderly conduct though either would mean being released on a summons.

Well he was being arrested. No other way to do it. (unless it was a woman of course)

I’ve seen Mike ask those accused of bad things some very pressing questions. Don’t really recally him physically getting in their face to do so and in a disrespectful manner though. Just because you’re a hardball interviewer means you’re also disrespectful of authority? Hmmm… I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he could differentiate between the scoffaws he interviews and a policing body/inspector.

Doesn’t matter how lenient the charge was if he didn’t deserve it. I think he had every right to question them if he was about to be ticketed. Is that obstruction or disorderly conduct? Hopefully it’s still a right. Now 'lunging" at them would be but the one witness cited says it was the TLC inspectors who were acting unprofessionally, not Wallace.

That’s my point. Did he deserve to be arrested? I got the impression it was poorly handled by them resulting in an unjustified charge that’s summarily been embellished beyong the account of an eyewitness.

Hmmmm… you know what? In a search I just found several sites where some that have run into him before at athletic venues and the like tell stories of him reading the riot act to his subordinates and others for seemingly minor infractions. The picture they paint, and it’s pretty compelling, is a far different one from his on camera persona.

Tell you what, Loach. I’m going to back off any defense of Wallace’s actions till more comes out. It’d be a shame to learn that he really is a PWE. Hopefully more that witnessed the altercation will soon be quoted about this or more information will be offered.

Absolutely he can question them if he is about to get ticketed or while he is being ticketed or after. Thats not my problem. I may have the wrong information but from what I hear he was not getting a ticket. He was not driving. He has a driver. The driver was double parked. The driver was being questioned. Wallace came back out of the restaurant and started to butt in where he doesn’t belong. He was asked 3 times to back off. When he was “lunged” at them he was arrested. I take that to mean he was in 60 minutes mode trying to push his way into the situation. If the officers thought the “lunge” was an assault he would have been arrested for that, no matter how old he is.

Yeah I heard from people who work for CBS that he is an asshole too :smiley: