Wally Heads South!

WallyM7 said:

Yesterday on NPR there was a report about a criminal in Indiana. Despite several photos, police have been unable to pick him up. He’s so ordinary looking, people don’t even notice him.

More than a coincidence!

I was nowhere near Indiana.

At the time in question, I was sticking up a blind news vendor in Buffalo.

He couldn’t give a good description either.

Buffalo, NY:

Blind news vendor is robbed. Quote from vendor’s police report: “Well, I couldn’t see anything, but I do remember the overpowering smell of port and Old Spice on the burglar.”

Other witnesses interviewed said:

“It was a guy, I’m pretty sure.”

“He seemed, I dunno, kinda familiar.”

“I think he had a mustache. Some kind of hair, anyway.”