Forgive my ignorance, but who was WallyM7 and what happened to him?

I really can’t beleive you don’t know.

How is this GD?

Well, I don’t know who he was. I’ve just read those posts in tribute to him but it didn’t tell me what he did.

Do you mean why is this posted on Great Debates?

Again, I didn’t know the fellow. Where else does one post if one doesn’t know who the guy was?

How about MPSIMS?

Besides, can’t you see the rather large banner at the top of your screen, which you might just notice is linked to the thread explaining what happened?

Sorry lindsay, I missed your last post. It’s not a Great Debate, though, that’s for sure.



Put WallyM7 into the board search.

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Lindsay, click on the banner and it will take you to a
thread about Wally’s passing. If you look around the MPSIMS area a bit more, you’ll find numerous other threads about him. The short answer is that he was a very well-liked participant on this message board.

Now I’m locking this thread.

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