Wallys strawberries

A thread was started shortly after Wally passed asking people what they were going to do in memory of Wally.
Well, I planted strawberries.
The first year they didn’t do so well, but this year they are up and ready to flower. Yay!
I was just kind of wondering how other peoples tributes went.
Or to even have people share stories about things in the past two years that have made you just stop and think of Wally when ever you see or hear them.

Save a pint for me Kricket? I’ll swap ya some homebrew (that is when I get off my ass and start a batch).

My hops plants are climbing like crazy though :slight_smile:

I bought a gerbil.

I think of him every time the boy asks for a hamster. I just look up at the ceiling fan and think better of it.

I haven’t been to the island yet this year, but at least last year his little maple tree had grown to be about 2 feet tall (it even survived being flooded).

I didn’t do anything of substance like that for Wally’s memorial. His passing and the exceptionally touching thread in memoriam to him were what made me finally sign up and stop lurking, though.

I swore to myself that I would try to conduct myself like a decent human being on the boards and to act in such a way that Wally wouldn’t have felt compelled to :wally me.

For the most part, I think I’ve done okay.

I poured some out for my homie. Wally really loved those 40’s of OE.

I dedicate the first ride of the season to him. Allan and I fire up the Harley, I think of him and wonder if he’s watching and knows that this is the ride I take for him, and we take off. I enjoy the wind in my hair, the smells, the sights, and I always have something good to eat. I know he loved his bike, and I feel like dedicating my ride to him is a nice memorial every year.


I set up a tribute page at the teeming millions homepage… you can visit if you wish:


I poisoned gophers in my yard, and salted my neighbor’s garden.

Wally and I got off to a rocky start, but we worked it out and became good friends. I am so very sorry that he died before we were able to share as deep a bond as so many of you had with him. I have no doubt that it would have come.

He was witty, warm and wise. Most of all, he was REAL. I value real.

I feel blest that I was able to know him the short time I did. I have not planted any flowers, have not poisoned any gophers, have not done much of anything except to have mourned the passing of an extraordinary man.

He will always be missed, because he made a lasting mark on our lives.

And Zette? You do well…he is watching, and taking pleasure in the ride you take in his honor. I know this with every fiber of my being.

I got my motorbike licence and bought a bike last year, but I was planning to do that for a long time.

However, when I first fired up my Yamaha after picking it up, I couldn’t help but think, “Betcha that puke green Harley wouldn’t start this easily”. :wink:

I can’t pass a spider web without laughing.

I was in Houston at the time, on a business trip. During a phone call with my wife, she mentioned that the boards were in an uproar over the death of someone named Wally (she was an infrequent lurker).

The only ready internet access I had was a terminal in the hotel lobby for guest use. I stood there for an hour reading the threads and crying quietly, hoping people wouldn’t notice the weirdo at the computer.

I stole that tear-stained mouse pad and still use it to this day.

Dave if I get enough for both of us they are all yours.
I can also get my hands on tons of blackberries if your into that kind of thing.
But there is another catch to this deal.
I have a ton of mason jars and have always wanted to make strawberry mead but I lost the one recipe that I had.
I’m going to make a safe bet that you can get me a killer recipe.

Twisty, I would love for you to share your spiderweb story since it is one I seem to not recall. If you feel up to it that is.

sounds delish


See here