Walter "Matt" Jeffries (of tubes fame) 1922-2003

I consider myself fairly knowledgable in Trek matters but did not know the origin of “Jeffries tubes”.

Here I was sad that a member of the Tubes died. I guess the world is still safe for white punks on dope.

Wasn’t NCC 1701 the number of his plane?

That’s what I thought too.
I was surprised to see the year of his birth and said "Wow, he was 54 years old when they recorded “White Punks On Dope”. LOL

He may be gone, but he will live on forever.

I’d assumed he was already dead.

Rest in Peace.

M.J. was responsable for the design of the .Enterprise The Saucer on top of cigar shape and everything were his doing. Most federation ships owe their looks to him.

I heard that the Klingons and the Romulans are sending representatives to Earth for the funeral. They are to take care of the security.

Jeffries has been entombed in a mausoleum accessible only by narrow air shafts.



What should have followed that quote:

The story goes that he had a model of the Enterprise to show to Gene, but it was hanging upside and Gene approved it that way.

(source: The Making of Star Trek)

Signed it upside down, I believe.
Wouldn’t that have made the dome over the bridge a swimming pool, though?