I’ve always had a need to find a new horizon. When I pass roads I’ve not yet travelled, I want to find out what lies down them. I love to travel, I enjoy road trips for their own sake (not simply as a means to an end), and I someday plan to take a trip to see all of North America.

I have a hard time understanding people who are perfectly happy where they are. Folks who never want to leave the little town where they grew up, or people who figure their home city is the best place anyone could ever be. I have a friend who has absolutely no desire to ever visit anywhere else - he just doesn’t see the point.

I don’t see his.

Which group do you fall into? What are your thoughts on the issue?

I fall into both groups (I think) I do not want to stay where I grew up (probably the most boring small town in England), but I feel homesick for the place.
Oh, and my favourite part of a holiday is the traveling part.

I’m with you, racinchikki. That’s one of the reasons I chose the job I have–I get to see a lot of the world.

I don’t really understand those who don’t either. I guess it’s a comfort thing.

I move a lot, so I guess I’m kind of still looking for that “perfect home.” I also adore traveling and road trips of any kind. I want to do the meaningless driving-to-see-what-we-can-see thing, too. I was just mentioning that to my husband yesterday, as a matter of fact. There are several countries I’d like to visit as well. Oh, for the time and money…

Well, I also don’t like staying in one place either. Thats why I joined the Navy, its not a job its an adventure…

I left “home” in my teens and have only been back a couple times in the last fifteen years. So far I’ve never really been homesick. I love to travel, whether that means going overseas for work (which I’ve only done once) or more-or-less aimlessly driving around some new part of the country (which I’ve done numerous times). It’s a big world and I want to see as much of it as possible before I shuffle off.

Mark Twain wrote, “…tolerance, or broad wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

I grew up as an Air Force brat, I grew up travelling, so I really can’t understand the point of view of those that stay in their home towns forever. In fact, now that I’m legally considered an adult (24) I’ve really caught the wanderlust bad. In the past three years I’ve been to the Bahamas, have driven from Anchorage to Las Vegas (and back), toured the eastern US from Chicago to Boston down the coast to Savannah and over to New Orleans (and all stops inbetween,) spent two weeks in Belize and last month moved from Anchorage Alaska to Houston. I’ll probalby be here for three maybe four years before packing kit and moving again. I certianlly plan on many more road trips in out of the country while I’m living here.

Soooo I guess that means I’m in the travel camp :slight_smile:

I don’t know about other people but I start to feel uncomfortable and restive when I’ve been living somplace for too long, even as a kid I always started to get anxious after three or four years at one post, I was always happy to leave all my all friends behind for the chance to go someplace new. That’s something I never grew out of, and I don’t think that I will. Even if I do settle down somewhere more or less permantly I’ll still travel whenever I get the chance.

When I was living in Alaska I met a fair number people that had never left the state or even really travelled much in the state. No matter how much we discussed it I’ve never been able to convince a person like that, that travelling is fun and worthwhile, likewise they’ve never had any luck explaining to me the virtues of a sedentary lifestyle.

I think these two groups of people are destined to remain a mystery to one another for all eternity :slight_smile:


I can be either. Depends on my mood.

I’m a wanderer - but what I would like is to find a place that’s “home” and have it to return to.

That said, too long without a road trip or plane travel or something of the sort leaves me antsy. Just to be going is the thing - I can always find something to do once I’m there, or I can turn a new direction and head further out.

I’ve driven most of the Eastern US and traveled a little outside, though not as much as I’d like. Oh, for the time and money to be able to go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted!

Beautifully said. Just what I was thinking while reading this thread.

I´ve lived in 4 different countries, and I´m still looking for my “home”.
Right now I´m living in the city where I grew up most of the time (except for a gap at age 10-13) - after school, I moved abroad to study for 3 years, then I came back for 2, last year I spent in Barcelona, now I´m back here again - but not to stay. I don´t picture myself spending my life here.
I love travelling in my holidays, seeing other places. And I really like living there, too. I felt more at home in Barcelona than I do here, but I doubt I´ll be moving back there next year. I want to go to Finland for half a year first, and to Scotland.
I know too many places where I feel at home, not too few. Wherever I am, I always miss people and places somewhere else, even if I´m happy living where I am. And as I go on travelling, this will probably get worse, not better.
I envy people who have one single “home”, a place they can return to.
I hope I´ll find mine some day.

Wanderer here. Born in Ca. Grew up in Oregon and spent most weekends camping and autumns hunting. After graduation took a trip through 39 states in 29 days, went back to Oregon to recover then moved to Connecticut. There for about 6 months, back to Oregon then moved to Wyoming for 5 years. Back to N California, travelled to Canada, Mexico, Japan, France and the UK. Graduated from university and moved to England. Since being here have been to Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

Looking forward to more European travel.

These shoes were made for walkin’ - Have knapsack will travel :slight_smile:

I have horrible wanderlust…and have been in Richmond for 12 years now. This house for almost 4 years; previous house for 7. That’s part of the reason I love going to NYCDope and why I loved Chidope last year and why I want to make it to more 'Fests; they let me feed my travel bug and keep it at bay, since I really don’t have the option of wandering more frequently or permanently.

How aptly timed this thread is. Every year about Febuary and March I’m overcome with dibilitating wanderlust. Unfortunately I now have small children and can’t hop the first flight to where ever on a whim. God know’s I’m suffering now. I haven’t been out of the country since I got pregnant the first time. Though I’m trying to talk my husband into saving for a honeymoon in Italy (our actually honeymoon we spent in Chicago the weekend after 9/11. Everything interesting to do had been cancelled, including the Bears ticket we had. Stupid terrorist ruined my honeymoon.)

I like to paddle where few people have ever been. Here’s why: article, photos:

Sometimes I wanna give myself in to the blue oceans, or the thick luminous grass of the mountains and just ease my car into third… slowing ever so slightly as the shimmering breeze catches my ear and gently pecks at my neck.

Other times, I’m in my basement. Happiest place to be. Life’s such a mystery.