Wanna be a beta tester?

Sports Mogul, Inc. is looking for beta testers for Football Mogul 2003, which is due out by the start of the season. See their website for details.

I did beta testing for 2 years. The novelty wears off very quickly when you realize playing a buggy game that crashes all the time is your job and you have to do it.

Think twice before signing on the dotted line (or e-form, as it may)

No thanks :slight_smile:

I got all excited…but it’s a sports game. Darn it.

QA testing may wear off for some, but for others, it’s their calling in life. Rather than getting frustrated when it crashes again, I take a perverse glee in finding new ways to crash it.

Off I go to sign up right now, especially since I’ve been waiting for that game.

If it twernt a sports game, I might sign up. Rats…

Ugh I remember helping to test CS-beta 1