Wanna get your parents in trouble?

Apparently, a few cities and states have started to enforce a new enactment stating that if a child gets caught skipping school, the child will be arrested, AS WILL THEIR PARENTS. No, I understand the concept that parents are responsible for making sure their kids get to school, but does anyone else think this is taking it a BIT too far?

I do. I mean, aside from gluing your kid to your leg and attending class WITH him/her (which would likely constitute abuse), what else is a parent supposed to do?

Granted, some kids have distinct truency problems which could probably be greatly aided by some parental intervention. However, I can tell you that my parents took quite an interest in my day-to-day activities, my classes, my grades, my friends, etc., and would not by any stretch of the imagination qualify as neglectful… yet I occasionally skipped class (needless to say they had no clue).

A spring day, a couple of friends, an afternoon spent at Dairy Queen or to the Zoo or maybe washing the car instead of with an embittered, spitting Science teacher who treated us all like morons… It happened. And I will live with that shame for the rest of my life. :wink:

However, I’d hardly call my occasional truency grounds to arrest my parents. If we’re going to go that far, hell–why not arrest the spitting Science teacher who failed to be interesting enough to win out over the allure of 75 degrees and sunshine? After all, my parents were entrusting me to the care of the school for the majority of the day…

El Elvis Rojo:


I don’t have a web site because I got it from the news (I work at a news station), but we mentioned it’s currently going on in Jacksonville, FL.

Man, my parents are in their 70s. I wouldn’t want them going to jail.

I hopr I don’t come off as a jerk, but:

Do you think this law is totally implausible? Do you really NEED a cite to buy into the OP?

If so, OK. Just wondering.

Actually, I’ve heard of this as well.