Wanna Play a Trivia Tournament?

(I hope this is OK as per the SDMB rules; didn’t get a reply on my query, but I’m betting it’s OK so I’ll go ahead and post)
My girlfriends and I have been really enjoying our trivia tournament on www.funtrivia.com, and it occurred to me that Dopers would probably enjoy this as well!

So I set up a tournament with the incredibly witty title SDMB Trivia (those marketing gurus will be beating my door down any day now!).

It’s free to join & free to play (they just have those annoying google ads) & none of my girlfriends have been getting any spam from it. Seems to be work-safe, family-friendly, and sanitized for your protection.

It’s possible to focus on specific trivia topics, but I think it would be more fair to everyone to stick with the “Daily Mixed Bag”.

Have at!