Hey, Seattleites! Tuesday night trivia, anyone?

I’ve gone to the trivia quiz at George & the Dragon in Fremont for a few years now, off and on. And since my brother moved to town, we’ve started going just about every Tuesday night.

For those unfamiliar: on quiz night, you can pay $5 for a team of up to 6 people to answer more trivia questions (out of 40) correctly than any other team in the pub. Winning team splits the pot, although sometimes the second place team gets a share, too.

Sometimes friends join us, but most weeks it’s just the two of us. And we do okay – we even won the night a couple of weeks ago.

But since you can have up to 6 people on a team, and most weeks we don’t win, having other people play would be cool.

The quiz runs 40 questions and usually takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours, starting at 8:00. One of us tries to be there by 7:00 to get a good table. You can order food, beer, hard cider, soda, or whatever.

Anyone interested? Anyone already go? If more than 4 people are interested, we can just split into 2 (or more) teams and start up a friendly SDMB rivalry among the pub-wide rivalry already going on. And it’s not like you’d have to come more than once if it doesn’t appeal, or come every week. But the more the merrier.

DANG! I’d really enjoy doing this. Please keep us informed about the turnout for this weekly event. I will make every effort to join you when I am in the Seattle area (mrs. r r is from Renton). I recently was the questioner in a “quiz” - as the Brits call it - here in Supsa, Georgia. The panel was fellas from England, Scotland, and Wales; the poor lads didn’t know what hit them! And the questions were all slanted towards international trivia! Any chance we could set up a 'net-based trivia night?

I can try and be there on Tuesday (if not next week then the one after.)

Sounds fun.

This is so my speed! (My speed is not very fast.) Beer and trivia – what could be better?

Unfortunately, I have choir pratice from 6:30 to 9:30 on Tuesdays, so while I am in Seattle those nights, I’m not free. :frowning: If it was any other night of the week, I’d be there with bells on. And clothes. Clothes and bells.

I just need to repeat what Jodi said…I would love to do this. Beer, trivia, raucous competition.

Alas, I’m in grad school and have classes on Tuesdays from 6-9:30…maybe if this seriously gets rolling, and my next class is on a different night, I could join you in January?

~~lea, who once beat a team of 11 people at Trival Pursuit and was once the undisputed champion of Bong-o-Trivia-Drink-o-Rama.TM

Jodi and leafrog: feel free to join when you can – January or the odd night without choir practice or whenever. I’m proposing this as a pretty casual occurrence, not a pledge-your-unwavering-commitment kind of deal.

Amarinth (and anyone else): cool! We should figure out a way to identify ourselves so we can meet up – it’s hard to guarantee that we’ll be sitting in a particular spot, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Sounds fun (I’m in Wallingford, for the next few months at least). Tuesday night, though… that’s 24 night! The only show I watch religiously. So I might show up sporadically, if I get a VCR :smiley:


Hee. I did the George and Dragon Trivia night once (I coulda sworn it was on Mondays…) That’s with the British dude, right? Done won me a bag o’ coffee. Mm.

I will have to check with the better half, but I’d like to have a regular Tuesday night activity…

This sounds like fun. I was once in a bar with a bunch of castmates from a show, and I single-handedly took on half a dozen of them in one of those computerized trivia games — and won. :smiley:

My lovely wife isn’t much for trivia-type games, though, so it’d just be me, most likely. Also, I’m in rehearsals for something right now, so my schedule is a bit erratic, but I can make an effort to be there. I probably won’t know until the last minute, so I might just show up without announcement.

When you figure out a way of identifying the group, post it here.

Sounds like fun. I’m not a big fan of beer but I like trivia games. I’l try to be there.

I love trivia! I’ve got hockey on Tuesday nights right now, but the league ends in a couple weeks so maybe I can make it in December.

Is this just for you folks who have met or can any old Washington geek join in?

Many of us haven’t met, BURNMEUP. Yet. :slight_smile: I’m sure you’d be more than welcome so long as you know the secret handshake.

[sub]You do know the secret handshake, right?[/sub]

I haven’t met any Dopers in real life (that I know of, anyway).

I think the easiest way to meet up will be this: my brother (not a Doper, but he’s aware of this) will be there relatively early to get a good table. He’ll try for the raised area on the left side of the pub as you come in. If those aren’t available, he’ll shoot for the biggest table he can get.

I will likely be there no earlier than 7:00 (I commute home from in Auburn, sadly).

We’ll mention to the person checking IDs at the door that we’re expecting people to join us, and we’ll invoke the words “Straight Dope.” I’ll bring a copy of one of Cecil’s books to put on the table – we can’t use it during the contest, of course, but we can leave it out as a marker.

You may want to get to the pub before 7:45 or so. (Earlier if you want dinner – the kitchen can take a while. Standard pub grub – fish ‘n’ chips, bangers ‘n’ mash, curry chicken, etc.) If we end up with more than 6 people, we’ll have to split into two teams and figure out a way to claim enough real estate to support them.

My brother and I will be the ones looking for people we’ve never seen before to see if they’re joining us.

If anyone has a better identifying idea, let me know. I’d promise to wear a nice hat or something, but the drawback of pub trivia is coming out of it smelling like smoke, so I tend to wear older clothes.

Bumping to see how many people are planning on coming tonight.

If you’re there before 7:00 or so, my brother will be the guy with the buzz cut reading Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver. After 7-ish, I’ll be there with him.

I was just reminded that I had already (in September) promised to meet with some friends early this evening.

While I could be at the pub for the second hour - I most likely wouldn’t be able to make it any earlier than 8:30. Is this something that people can join in partway through? Or should I wait until next week?

The only potential problem with arriving in the middle is if our team ends up with 6 players before you get there – you’d be stuck sitting out. (I’ve seen teams play with 7, but I’m not big on cheating.) It’s not a problem to join a team with fewer members, though.

Wait until next week if you like – we’re there every week, so it’s not an inconvenience on our end.

I’m planning to show up shortly after 7pm. Mmm, fish n chips. :slight_smile:

We’re showing (that is, the better half and I). I’ll be wearing a tan jacket with a red poppy on the lapel.

We’ve already eaten, so we’ll probly be there around 7:30, depending on how quickly we can get a parking spot (we’re coming in from Redmond).

So? How’d it go???