Want a $ 90,000 cellphone with a dedicated "concierge" button?

Well here you go!

Nokia Vertu

A $90,000 cell phone? Add bling to your ring

Even if I could afford a $90,000 phone, I’d still leave it in a pocket and have it go through the laundry.

If you can afford a $90,000 dollar cell phone you probably have a professional pre-laundry-pocket-searcher in the house staff.

What need do you have for pockets when you can buy a %90k phone? That’s what the servants are for.

Wow. $90,000 and it isn’t even quad-band.

Or you could just get the Directions & Connections plan from GM’s OnStar - for only 35% of that concierge pricetag.

Can you get that without the rest of Onstar’s services, or an Onstar vehicle?

No, but even a decked out Corvette ain’t gonna run ya ninety grand. And you can use your cell phone (on selected networks) in conjunction with OnStar services.

Can you hear me now?