Want Eyes like Sailor Moon? Look no further!

Wouldn’t those things hurt? Or at least be really uncomfortable?


Not to mention, they probably have to be thicker and therefore provide less oxygen to the cornea.

Corneal neovascularization and corneal pannus! How adorable!

It creeps me out too, and the more I see of it, the more I become convinced that the entire genre and culture of anime are rooted in frozen adolescence at best, and at worst appeal to latent (if not manifest) pedophilia.

Does anybody else think thy look like Bette Davis Eyes?

The ENTIRE thing? I’ll grant that the main audience in Japan is teenage boys, so a certain amount of fanservice is to be expected, but it’s hardly based on that. You’re talking about a culture that pretty much launched half of all franchises involving giant robots. A lot of anime runs off rule of cool more than any weird sex practices. Some of the stuff for the older crowd especially is almost entirely mild (or rather, nothing you wouldn’t see in your average sitcom or crime drama here), such as Death Note (Misa’s goth fashion taste not withstanding, but she’s supposed to be a popular fashion model), which is more about morality and (supernatural) crime. If you’re getting your information on anime from 4chan that could explain it though…

The hentai/ecchi culture I can’t speak for.

Believe it or not this is almost on the nose of how otaku (over 20 or so) are viewed in Japan itself as well (judging by the things I’ve been told by many immigrants/exchange students at least), granted it can be taken to even more asinine generalizations there sometimes.

And I find it more disturbing when people make blanket assertions about entire subcultures based on their own preconceived notions of what is acceptable. There’s another word for that, but I only use it in the Pit.

You’re a Charter Member. Surely you know that there are going to be people on the board who like anime, and that calling them pedophiles would be seen as a personal insult.

Heck, I don’t even like most anime, but I felt it.

If the above is junior modding, I appologize. However, I can no longer edit it down to what it should say:


Actually, it’s not. According to the rule on insults,

By my reading, Vinyl Turnip’s post, though incendiary, is on the “acceptable” side of that line.

Let’s keep the discussion friendly here – if y’all want to discuss whether or not anime fans are sickos, take it to the Pit.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

For me, it’s because it reminds me of what I’ve long considered, the sexiest (non-nude) picture on the internet. Although now I wonder if her eyes are “enhanced”. Link broken due to uncertainty of rules: Clothed but sexy cosplay girl…

http://www.motifake.com /cosplay-rikku-ff10-ffx-final-fantasy-10-cosplay-advantage-demotivational-poster-14075.html

You’re not wrong.


Sadly the misused apostrophe “felled my timber” somewhat.

Are there any more pics of that girl anywhere…?

Does Bill Holbrook read the SDMB?

Here ya go. I got mine in the -3 range.

Not really. They’re tricky to get in so I probably wouldn’t recommend them for someone who has never worn contacts. You have to fold them and then let them unfold onto your eye with an edge under each eyelid.

No more uncomfortable than putting a contact on inside out. And I didn’t even notice that after the third rum&Coke. :smiley:

That was a joke, dude.

[South Park]You see…Japanese have a-small penis…


Cool! My left eye would be fine and the right one only a tiny bit undercorrected. Hmm, when is Halloween this year?

Yeah, the HuffPost picture looks more like Keane than like Sailormoon. Now who would “envy” that look for their real face I have no idea, and I say that as a minor Animé fan myself.

Thanks for the replies, everybody. And for not flaming me.

And for those of you wondering what “cosplay” is, I looked it up. It’s dressing like Japanese animation characters.

For some reason my brain keeps trying to imagine Michele Bachmann wearing these. Skeeeeery.