Want my son safe, first apartment problems.

Your son could call the health department or/and city building inspector
to have them check out the apartment and don’t clean up any spots on the ceiling . Popcorn ceilings are use b/c it’s a cheaper way to hind anything wrong with a ceiling.

I got the impression that the OP’s son is a small child, that lives with him/her. This is their first apartment, and the OP is concerned about the potential health consequences, especially for the child.

They have an inspection every year. Ones coming up on the 14th so we will see what they say.

Cracking in ceiling. I feel like this whole apt is covered… Picture is before, click on left arrow of after picture https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/141581215@N05/25640639443/

My ceiling is cracking so I took a piece off. Before pic, click left for after pic thank you


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in your OP you mentioned an ammonia smell, I missed that. That is usually a sign of bacterial activity, cause things are wet and not being dried and or repaired properly. how are the floors in the bathroom? are they soft and somewhat spongy? any areas that seem swollen or discolored? what about the walls, especially around the plumbing? and yes that looks like mold in the pic of the ceiling with the chip removed

Has the apartment been tested for lead paint and certified free of it? (Not sure how old your son is…)

I’d have to ask the landlord. He’s 18 months. Got diagnosed with bronchitis and ear infection today. Also symptoms of mold exposure

Asbestos test kits are moderately priced and generally available, no real need to worry about “what ifs” when >$20 can buy a reasonable degree of proof.

You’re taking photos, that’s a good thing. I spent a good number of years as a part time property manager and most tenants never bother to document anything. This works against them if they ever need to deal with a housing court magistrate, especially because I documented everything.

If push comes to shove over necessary repairs see if your jurisdiction has some equivalent of a “rent escrow” program. Around here a tenant can show up at the court house with a list of needed repairs (photos if not video, are very helpful) and you can pay your rent to the court. The landlord (or their representative) will not receive the rent until repairs are made but legally speaking you are still paying rent on time.

Best of luck to you and your son.

Thank you