Want to guess my car’s problem?

I’m taking it to the mechanic Wednesday. Here’s the deal: I’ve had the car (2000 Honda Accord v6) about 5 years and it runs like a top. But occasionally it dies on me while driving. When I go to try and start it, it starts right up and then dies. I’ll repeat that maybe 15 times, and then it will start and run as though nothing was ever wrong. It used to do it maybe once every 6 months but now it’s done it twice in a week. So to the mechanic it goes. What do you think?

I suspect the fuel pump

Or plugged fuel filter. After it stops running and sits for a few minutes it gets just enough fuel past the filter to start, and stop, and maybe stay running as if nothing is wrong. Check fuel pressure.

I’ll come at it from the other side and suspect alternator. My ‘99 Subaru was doing something similar before it just refused to go no mo’ and that was the culprit. Fuel system is more likely though.

Honda? #1 suspect is the igniter (electronic ignition module).

Well now, that sounds ’spensive. I hope you’re wrong.

It should be generating and check engine light. I might suspect a mass air flow sensor fault. If no fault code is present you may just have a loose wire somewhere in the ignition circuit.