Want to plant a tree-fern in a pot....how big?

I bought a dicksonia antarctica (soft tree fern) off eBay* a few days ago with the intention of bunging it into the ground inside my makeshift fernery (a bit of dirt covered by shadecloth, home to all my precious and light-sensitive babies!) :cool:

Unfortunately the ‘bit of dirt’ is about 2" of topsoil, with rock-hard clay underneath. :eek: Some digging has been attempted, so I’ve filled the hole with water and added copious amounts of gypsum, but I’m not confident that it will make much difference…

So thinking now, I might instead plant the fern in a pot. But it’s a big bugger…100cm circumference. How big a pot would I need to ensure it’s survival?
*Alas, I now believe it’s a dodgy seller. Normally ferns are sold with a ‘certificate’ authenticating that the seller has a license to harvest them from the forests…this one came in a plastic bag, and ‘off the back of a truck’ I reckon! :smack:

Is the 100cm circumference the crown or the root ball? Potted plants should generally be twice the size of the bare-root root ball, and up-size the pot yearly to prevent pot binding.

There is a common myth that they dont need any roots at all, but to be properly happy, these tree ferns need space to develop a large mat-like root system.
Shallow soil might be less of a problem than confinement in a pot (although 2" is not much to work with…)

So I got the biggest pot evah! :smiley:

**Bunnings **(I guess like Home Depot in the US) had some on sale (1/2 price, $50) down the very back, 'round the corner and up HIGH on a shelf of the outdoor garden section. It’s a massive ceramic pot, 60cm across and deep, and the fern fits nicely inside with app 12cm clearance all around. I’ve filled it with regular (good quality) potting mix, commercial compost and vermiculite and watered it in very well. Tomorrow I’ll give it a feed of seaweed concentrate (SeaSol), and some pelletised chook-shit (Dynamic Lifter).

All of the original fronds had been cut off prior to sale, but I can feel plenty of new ones in the crown just raring to get going! As soon as I figure out how to use those photo-sharing websites, I’ll post one.