Want to purchase drinking glass(es) *exactly* like this - how do I search for it?

This glass was purchased by my parents at least 35 years ago. I would like to buy more that look exactly this is, if possible. I’ve Googled with all the terms I can think of, but no success. Any ideas for how I might go about getting more of these?

I found these searching with “vintage 70s drinking glasses round design.”

Wow, those tall ones may be it. Thanks!

Happy to help.

I just googled green vintage bubble glass tumbler images and found a link to etsy

The key term is “dimpled”, though KneadToKnow found a good match which doesn’t use the term.

is a pitcher that looks similar to your glasses

still looking

You can scan eBay auctions.

Like these?

Very cool, it looks like it could be part of the set.

Thanks, but those are too different from the original.

I think I found some more:

There’s something different about these though that I cannot put my finger on, might simply be the lighting of the photo.

Try looking for the glassware company “Hazel-Atlas.” I think you might want “Hazelware,” in avocado specifically.

If you search “Hazel-Atlas” “el dorado” you’ll get a ton of hits on dimpled glassware.
Oh, and I’ll assume there is none, but if there’s a stamp or mark on the bottom, that would make it easier. I’m guessing no or you would have said.

You might want to check some of the restaurant supply houses in your area, at least the ones that are open to the public. They might have them, or can get them. With supper clubs on the rise again, some of that vintage (looking) stuff might be making a comeback.

That brought up some good results, thanks!

I thought I checked for a stamp and didn’t find one, but I’ll ask my Mom to check again (the glass is at her place a few states away).

Good idea, thanks! I think there’s actually one nearby work that I found looking for restaurants on Google Maps for a place to have lunch.

Mom says no stamp on the original glass.

Do a reverse image search through Google, you may have luck that way.


I ordered this, I think they are the closest match.

Thanks for everybody’s help.

I’m sorry to disrupt your thread but I feel the need to tell you that the title seems ambiguous to me.

The title does not make it clear whether you are making the statement that you wish to purchase these glasses or whether you are asking the question from where can you purchase these glasses.

I apologize if I interrupted you.


Oops. I see now that I am mistaken about your thread title.

Very sorry. Please allow me to take it back.

I just got the the ones from Ruby Lane and they are exactly what I was looking for. I added 2 pics of the set (that came with small bowl) to the album in the original link.

Thanks again for the help folks.