Want to see my New Toy? I'm so excited...now how do I use it?

My wife surprised me this morning with a pre-birthday gift :slight_smile: I woke up to this sitting in a nice little box on the kitchen table.

It has everything all in one: A phone, Camera, PDA, email, web, and office applications!

Damn! Now how do I use this thing? It is going to take me all day to figure out all the little perks.

Does anyone have one of these? How tough is it to make it your primary PDA?

Oh and the pictures are really high rez!

Thanks Mrs.P :slight_smile:

I wanted a Treo. Then I found out that the headphone jack is mono.

I know it’s a silly, tiny, minor little feature, but it totally ruled out the possibility for me - one of my criteria is that it has to be a decent option as an mp3 player. I’m really disappointed too, because the Treo is absolutely everything I want in every other regard.

Oh well. Congrats though :slight_smile:

I am having a difficult time answering my PDA…this is kind of weird.

I’ll bet Batman could show you how to work it.

I had a Handspring Visor Platinum, and used a VisorPhone for about 2 years. After I broke the antenna off on it, and the screen went out, I’ve gone to a Sony Clie TJ37 and a separate phone (same SIM chip) and haven’t regretted it.

I took a flight with it once and even thought the VisorPhone was shut off the flight attendants made me unplug the module though all I was doing was playing Bejeweled :slight_smile:

I have the same Treo. Overall it’s quite nice. The camera’s kind of crappy but it’s better than nothing. Depending on who’s your cell phone carrier, all you might need to do is to transfer the SIM card to the Treo in order to use it for calls. You might have to upgrade your plan in order to surf the web. I pick up all my emails using some software from Good Technology which also has a ton of other neat programs for the Treo. This is a neat toy you got, but it needs to be set up. Ask Mr. P to do it! You can also go back to the store where it is purchased to get some help. (Oh, you will have to master the art of typing with your two thumbs and forefingers!)

Love gadgets and this would be nirvana for me!

But…isn’t it still a tad expensive when you want to send pictures? I know when I asked about a cell phone with photo capabilities, I about had a heart attack when I heard the “extra fee” for photo usage. Just wondering…

Correction to my earlier post: it’s the Tungsten C that has a mono jack.

The Treo is the one that doesn’t have wifi.

Still searching for my perfect PDA…