Wanted: package tracking number going far off course

So, I accidentally took home a friend’s shirt with me after we shared a hotel room when going to another friend’s wedding. And I’ve been dragging my heels about sending it back to him, mostly because it just never quite bumps up on my priorities list. And it’s just a t-shirt, so no great loss. At this point, it’s pretty much become a joke between us. I keep telling him that my cat ate my stamps, or that it was all ready to go and then the post office moved, etc.

I’d like to escalate this joke by providing a tracking number for a package that’s not going anywhere remotely near him (Illinois).

The more distant the better.

I suppose there is a very minor chance that he’ll try contacting the shipping company and things could get confusing. I don’t think that’ll happen–I think he’ll see the joke immediately, and I’ll try to write my email so it’s pretty obvious. And even if he did, the package clearly won’t be to him, so the shipper shouldn’t do anything about it–but I want to warn anyone who might otherwise offer up their tracking number that there is a very small risk of some stupidity on that front.

I just sent a package from NYC to Kowloon, is that obvious enough for a joke? I’d be worried about him contacting anyone though, as it was a work related package.

Why not invent a tracking number, perhaps with some subtle indication of being less than authentic…like 1-800-Not Sent Yet as the number to call for tracking info…

CatherineZeta, that would be perfect, but on reconsideration, I can’t really ask anyone else to risk their package (especially one going such a long way) for my prank. I’ll ask a mod to close this.

You got it.