Wanted: Your favorite zucchini bread recipes!

You know what zucchini are like, the sluts of the vegetable world. Give them half a chance and they multiply like bunnies. Folks leave them like unwanted babies, on people’s doorsteps, ringing the bell and then running away.

I like zucchini, but one can only do so many things while they’re still fresh, and not ge tired of them. So I thought I’d come to the Dope for help. What is YOUR favorite zucchini bread recipe? I have several, in books, but need feedback on what you all think is best. I especially need something that freezes well.

I could even try several recipes, if I get more than one, and let readers know what I think about them.

Will keep you posted! :smiley:

I’m going to give this request of mine the one permitted bump. Someone else has asked if I want zucchini, and I also just think I hear my doorbell ring. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would think you could use a carrot cake recipe, but increase the spicing and the sugar a little bit. I’m sorry- in spite of just having been given a giant zuchinni,I have no recipes. I’ve been making a lot of fritattas, though.