wanting a tattoo

I have been wanting to get a tattoo forever but was never sure what of. I have an idea in my head and needa get more opinions about it. The tattoo would look something like this


But I would have the back of the snake “the tail” wrapped around my neck and the rest of the snake would be coiled around my arm. Maybe I could have part of my shoulder and arm tattooed as a skeleton that the snake is crawling on as well. but I think that would make it to confusing. Whats your ops.

Dude, a tattoo like the one you linked to requires a certain kind of person to pull it off. Something like that will not look cool on just anyone. Give us more context here…about what kind of guy you are. You sort of need to be a hard-ass to blast that kind of macabre ink and make it work.

Well I consiter myself to have a goth mentality, night is my life. I love skeletons and into metal and gothic rock. I have a lip and eyebrow piercing. longish black hair thin frame i’m 5ft 6 and weigh 125lb. Going to get a motorcycle license, type of bike would be a Ducati. And i’m a girl thank you very much.:smack:

In that case, it sounds like the tattoo would suit you. Go for it. Just make sure you go to a good studio and that the artist knows what he/she is doing…that’s really the most important thing.

You asked for opinions. Here’s mine: Yechhh.

Flash forward to when you are 60. Do you think that will look good on you then?

But then I’m just an old hippie.

[/old fogie mode]

Also, if you think I was threadshitting, that was not my intention. I just honestly think they are a bad idea and someday you’ll be sorry.

Carry on.

This needs to be moved to IMHO.

And my humble opinion is thus: don’t do it. You’ll one day regret it.

Also consider that, because tattoos so ubiquitous nowadays, the best way to stand out is to ***not ***have a tattoo…

I like the skeletal snake, and I like the idea of tattooing a skeleton shoulder, but yes, I do think that would be visually confusing. If you’re going to tattoo an image of your shoulder’s skeleton, then give the snake flesh and bones. Otherwise, she’s going to get lost in a grayscale of bones.

Is this your first tatt? If so, the other thing I would recommend, not because I’m anti-tattoo (I’m not), but just because it’s hard to visualize how tattoos on joints move until you have it on, I’d suggest finding a good body painter or, even better, mehendi (henna) artist and have him paint it on you. Make it an occasion - go to a party or a club afterwards and see how it feels. See what the reactions are, see how it looks when you catch yourself in a mirror, see what happens to the snake image when you raise your arm over your head - does she look pinched? twisted? constipated? :smiley:

Then, the next day, go out to breakfast with your grandmother. Can you cover as much of the tatt as you want to? Does your shirt keep slipping to reveal it? Does it show through the material of your shirt? Consider what wardrobe amendments you may need to make if/when you want to work a job where visible tatts are forbidden.

After that, if you still like it, great! Just don’t forget to post pics when you’re done!

Man, be careful - I got “just the one tattoo” eight years ago.

Just had my fourth done last week…

Most guys don’t look so hot with their shirts off when they’re 60. The tattoo ages with your body.

I got tattooed 15 years ago. I’ve never regretted it.

There are lots of reasons to get a tattoo besides “wanting to stand out”.

phoenix11, my only caveat is that it’s a pretty large and complicated piece to get as a first tattoo. I agree with WhyNot’s suggestion to find some way to try out how it wears before making it permanent.

Exactly. Why make it worse? Plus the OP is a woman.


phoenix11, my only caveat is that it’s a pretty large and complicated piece to get as a first tattoo. I agree with WhyNot’s suggestion to find some way to try out how it wears before making it permanent.

Yea thats some good advice. The tat artist could draw it out on your skin first, I believe then I can decide. How much would something like this tattoo cost? if I had the snake come a little below my elbow? Yep this would be my first tattoo. I’m also kinda the black sheep of the family lol so i’m sure alot of them think I already have tattoos. For a job I would also be going into the art field so I dont think tattoos would be a huge prob there. But I guess if the occasion calls I could just wear a long sleeve mini dress or something.


Make sure that the tattoo you choose is something that you will still find meaningful or at least will have some value to you in 15, 20 or 30 years. When you’re young, it is hard to know what you will still like as a middle aged or old person. I suggest you avoid any tattoo that you can’t easily cover up with a long sleeved shirt. Although you may have a solid plan for earning an income that allows you to avoid dress codes and sport whatever appearance you choose, those situations change and you need to be prepared to go to work in an office full of conservative people.

My thought: that’s a pretty big first tattoo. I’d suggest going for something smaller to start with, then maybe going for that as your second tattoo. Or perhaps start with one element, e.g. the skull, then get the rest added later.


Yea it is a little large. I was also thinking on getting a black rose some place, but i’m not sure where. I was also thinking on getting a short poem on my lower back. I love poetry, so I know that would be meaningful. I also have a pet python though as well so they all have their purpose :D.

That’s very nice. WhyNot’s suggestion of trying it out first is excellent.

My advice about actually getting it is to remember that your skin is going to be really sore for a couple of days. You might want to plan to do it when you won’t need to wear clothes for a few days.

You might also want to consider waiting until after you’ve had your motorcycle for a year or so. You WILL fall over and it would be a shame to mess up your ink.

My only concerns would be

  1. If this is your first tattoo, you might want to get something smaller first, and work up to something that grandiose

  2. Neck tattoos can be really hard to hide

I don’t think a neck tattoo is ever a good idea, but I’m kind of an old broad. That big of a tattoo is likely to be very expensive, too. My small (size of a 50 cent piece) cost about $80 6 years ago.

I like the suggestion to get it painted on, or as a henna drawing, first.

I do like the art!

Honestly, a really good and honest tattoo artist is not going to do something so big or prominent on a first-timer. Start small.