War gasses! He was working on war gasses!

Holy Cow!

My father-in-law (now deceased) served in the Army in the 50s…right after Korea. He’d gotten a degree in chemistry and did his time using his skills. That’s what we’ve known.

Now mix in that I’m running some departments for a publisher of military-oriented titles. We’ll shortly be launching a new magazine focused on Special Operations Technology.

With me so far?

I’m compiling a list of locales and personnel for the inaugural issue. We won’t run it (for those concerned) but we will use it to build a knowledge base of the industry and to create our initial circulation.

And I come across some old program information that rung a bell. “Special Troops…Dept XXX”, I mutter. “Why does that ring a bell?”

Suddenly it occurs to me! That’s the same base at which my F-I-L served! And he was making gasses!

He’d told us tales of testing gasses. He referred to them as ‘gas mask tests’. Take some poor bastard, give him a mask, put him in a sealed room and release the stuff. Ugh.

Put two and two together (and I’m not revealing everything I know here) and I’m led to the conclusion that my F-I-L was working on war gasses!


Betcha thought this was about Saddam, didn’t you?

Was he the one who invented the dreaded “Pull My Finger” toxin?


But trust me.

He could have been.

That’s got to be up there with finding out your grandma developed Zyklon. Criminy.

I believe those are delivered in special missiles known as Intercontinental Silent But Deadly Missiles, or IC(SBD)Ms.

No no, it’s Incontinent Silent But Deadly Missiles.

Silo launched, of course.

Damn preview. :mad:

Make that “Incontinental”.