What is the best Conspiracy Theory you've heard?

We’ve all heard odd theories on-line and from TV, but what are some you’ve heard from people you’ve met face to face?

Here are mine:

There was a guy who used to ride the bus that always mumbled about symptomatic nerve gas, which was odorless and colourless. The CIA was putting it in the air and water supply to control our minds. This guy seemed more or less mentally ok except he was dead sure about the nerve gas.

There was another fellow that used to walk around with silver mylar under his clothes. He called it his “space blanket” and it protected him. From what? “Beams”. That’s all he would say on the subject. I could never get him to reveal more about the secrets of his protective underclothes. I guess this is the next step one takes after the tinfoil hat just isn’t working any longer.

Actually, I’ve often wondered if doing this might not protect people from the DOD’s new microwave Active Denial System (the “pain ray”). Will we soon see terrorists or serious protestors wearing mylar space blankets to avoid being dispersed?

I once dated a girl who I thought I would perhaps have a forseeable future with.
Until I met her father :eek:
He had an entire collection of goverment conspiracy books on his bookshelves. I was also shown his “fallout shelter / doomesday” room in the basement complete with a full arsenal and food rations. He was positive the goverment would be making it’s move soon and he was going to be ready.
After leaving I tested the water with this girl to see how much of his lunacy had rubbed off on her.
She swore up and down that goverment helicopters often hovered over her house at night to x-ray it.

The relationship ended shortly afterward.

I knew a woman whose father lived on the shores of Lake Erie. He had a large gun colection because he was sure that the Canadians were planning to invade any time.


I thought that was common knowledge.


These fluoride ones are certainly entertaining.

I forget where I heard it, but:

The Cold War was really just an excuse for the american military to develop more and more sophisticated weapons technology, so we would be able to defend ourselves in the event of an alien invasion.

My all time favourite is The Gilligan Conspiracy.

FINALLY I understand what that silly show was about!

For fun, here’s the George Bush Conspiracy Theory Generator.

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