War of the Worlds "series"

The classic movie War of the Worlds has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. I’m eagerly awaiting the remake of it, though I’m not holding my breathe that it’ll do the classic justice. Anyway, when I was around 8 to 10 years old, they showed a series of War of the Worlds on Fox that I watched every chance I got. After it got cancelled, it seemed to disappear quickly. (I don’t think it was terribly popular, but it wasn’t unpopular either as far as I know.) I would’ve thought they’d have started airing it on the Scifi channel, but no such luck. So with the new movie coming out, I’m hoping there will be more demand to see the series and it’ll start airing, or they’ll put it on DVD, or something. What do you guys think the chances of that are? I welcome any talk about the series.

A relatively complete fansite, if it helps.

The war of the world series never lasts more than seven games anyway. :wink:

That will help me keep up with any news that comes up. I had found a site before with a dead mailing list, but no bulletin board services. I certainly won’t count any predictions they make as unbiased though. I signed their petition so now I’ll just have to hope something becomes of it.